Monday, July 17, 2006


Ok many moons ago I posted that we would make dominate the MSN search for the keyword "makeup'. Well we haven't quite got there, we are at number 7 out of almost 9.8 million results as of today. We aren't too upset but we will win!!!

Another keyword that we went after with Carol's skin essentials was mineral makeup. You see she carries Dechant Sheer Minerals which is a top quality mineral makeup line and we want every woman in the world looking for mineral makeup to find our client. So after a couple months of good dedicated search engine optimization, the LogicMaze internet marketing team is proud to announce we are number one on MSN for the keyphrase mineral makeup. It is sending on average 45 people a day to , just one single keyphrase worth 45 potential buyers a day in your store. WOW!

p.s. The pic is of Tamara here at LogicMaze, she wears Dechant Mineral Makeup!!!


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