Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Jeep bumpers

Jeep bumpers -alot of people either don't like the bumpers that Chrysler put on jeeps in the factory or (this option is more likely) they just tear the hell out of alot of jeep bumpers and need to buy new frequently.

Another slightly less politically correct option might be our unending drive to have the biggest and baddest of everything that I have found might just apply to jeep owners slightly more than your average joe.

OK, if you are one of 5 people in the world who have read other posts on this blog before (here and here and here), you may remember that not so long ago we were number 1 on MSN for jeep bumpers. Well just like jeep tops we let ourselves get distracted we concentrated a little too much attention on broader keywords and jeep bumpers slipped a little. Don't get me wrong, we don't consider it a mistake, we went after big keywords like jeep accessories, jeep liberty accessories, jeep wrangler accessories and warn winch, and it worked!! Jeepsandstuff's traffic and sales has steadily increased and since January we have actually helped them decrease their marketing budget. So don't cry for jeepsandstuff or us here at LogicMaze, were all good, we are just gonna launch a comeback and regain the title on a few keywords that might have slipped a little bit. AND we will stay at the top for the big keywords we recently began to dominate.



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