Tuesday, August 08, 2006

PalsHanger update - New video at IronPals.com

Well, it has been a little while (here) since we've talked about our friends with Pals Products, Inc. and the website design that LogicMaze has done for them at IronPals.com. Things are moving along nicely, and Pals Products is working on new ideas and revisions to existing products, but today I wanted to focus on our most recent addition to their website.

Of the six different types of products for the quilting industry or quilting enthusiast, the one garnering the most attention of late has been the PalsHanger. Here is a perfect example of a simple idea with an elegant solution - which makes you surprised that no one had come up with something like this before.

The PalsHanger is a modular hanging display bar that can be used to accomodate smaller pieces of quilting, or connected together to hang large, full-sized quilts. Made of light but strong aluminum, they can be hung any number of ways (from a wall, ceiling, etc.) and can even be adjusted to hold items with irregular or scalloped edges.

To clearly illustrate the simplicity and elegance of this product, LogicMaze shot a number of video sequences, took a number of product shots, and combined them to make a demo video. PalsProducts already had a demo video for their IronPals product (produced by another company some time ago), but we wanted to raise the bar a bit higher with this one - keeping in mind that it is being made specifically for their website.

So, please check out our PalsHanger demo video here - and continue to check back as we add more products, updates, and information to the IronPals.com website. This is what LogicMaze Web Design is about... building our success on that of our clients.


At 8/11/2006 12:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Video - David!
Looking forward to seeing more!


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