Friday, August 11, 2006

Excitement with Flat Iron Meats

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to try some of Flat Iron Meats fantastic summer sausage. I must say that I was impressed. My newfound firsthand knowledge of the quality of product from Flat Iron Meats only adds to my interest in this company as a client at LogicMaze. My other major interests are all listed below in David's awesome blog. I'd hate to be redundant or steal his material about the "identity preserved and source verified" routine. (Although I will steal his links.)
Anyway, here is a keyword list for Flat Iron Meats that we are working with, just in case you were interested.

summer sausage
all natural summer sausage
hormone free summer sausage
all natural beef
hormone free beef
meat gift boxes
all natural meat gift boxes
hormone free meat gift boxes
ground beef
all natural ground beef
hormone free ground beef
beef snacks
all natural beef snacks
hormone free beef snacks
beef sticks
all natural beef sticks
hormone free beef sticks
growth hormones
identity preserved
source verified
all natural jerky
hormone free jerky
kansas beef


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