Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Peterson Predictive Maintenance - Hutchinson, We Have Website Launch

Spanning the days of Friday, July 21 and Monday, July 24 - Hutchinson website designer had the official launch for the new, and much improved, website for Peterson Predictive Maintenance.

For those of you who follow our blog, you already know a fair amount about this company from my previous blog posts (1, 2, and 3). Peterson Predictive Maintenance was founded over 5 years ago by Chuck Peterson, a retired arson investigator for the fire department and former maintenance worker in the natural gas industry. From his experience in both of these fields, Chuck was able to see the benefit of not only predictive maintenance, but of combining the technologies of infrared thermal imaging and ultrasound detection for that purpose.

Two of the most significant benefits coming from the services that Peterson Predictive Maintenance offers concerns safety and accuracy. Because of the technology that PPM uses, all of their evaluation and testing is completely non-invasive. Physical contact with the working machinery is not required. That means the equipment tested can be run with normal loads at normal working speeds. This also leads to more accurate information being gathered since all of their tests are done under real world conditions. There is no need for guessing or subjective interpretation when Peterson Predictive Maintenance is on the job.

Starting out as a one man company, Peterson Predictive Maintenance is rapidly growing not only in size, but in influence as well. Chuck Peterson has been asked to act as Guest Speaker at the Ultrasound World III "Top Gun" Conference this November in Clearwater Beach, Florida. This honor is largely due to PPM's combination of Infrared Thermal Imaging and Ultrasound Detection as complimentary resources to draw upon when establishing a predictive maintenance program.

LogicMaze is proud to add Peterson Predictive Maintenance to our growing list of satisfied clients. But our relationship with PPM is just beginning, as LogicMaze will continue by helping to prepare conference presentation materials as well as printed literature to add to our marketing effort for this innovative company. Congratulations, Peterson Predictive Maintenance!


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