Friday, September 15, 2006

The Button Hole - New Quilting Kits Available

Now I've never been known as a big quilter. I've been called alot of things over the years, but that isn't one of them. But I know a big ol' quilt store when I see one, and can appreciate a well run business regardless of the market. The Button Hole in McPherson, Kansas fits the bill for both of those quite nicely.

With over 12,000 bolts of quilting fabric and novelty fabrics, they are one of the largest quilt stores in Kansas. They also offer a huge selection of sewing notions, sewing machines, and accessories. In addition, they have recently added quite a few new quilt kits to their online quilt shop. I've mentioned before how both the store and the quilting site would appeal to someone like my mother more than to myself. I'm too busy saving the world from guys like Mitchell to do much quilting at all. But here at LogicMaze we are very happy to have The Button Hole as a client, particularly when they are so passionate about their business and the different ways that good website design can benefit them. The next time my mother comes to town to visit, we'll have to make the short trip over to McPherson and visit their quilt shop.

I'll probably be hanging out in the Hearth Room, but my mom will have a blast.


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