Tuesday, September 19, 2006

There ought to be a law...

Looks like an important document, doesn't it? Why wouldn't it? It's got a seal with some jazz about a "bureau" and all sorts of other jargon.
The truth is that this document and other documents like this are made to appear to be invoices to confuse people into paying for services that they aren't really sure whether they're already receiving or not. This is nothing more than a solicitation for a new service under the guise of an invoice. It has a deadline for payment, and mentions services that most business owners who pay for their website development and management aren't sure whether they are receiving or not.
It's a diabolical plot, that I personally believe should be illegal. There are many companies out there like this that send these things in the mail or, in this case, fax them.
We at LogicMaze have gotten more than a few questions from clients about this, wondering if this is something that we set up or that we should be taking care of.
I'm all for the free market and it's competitive spirit, but I believe that these sorts of practices cross unspoken boundaries of decency. To confuse people into sending you money for services that they are not receiving from you, is inexcusable.


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