Friday, September 15, 2006

Whitewater Rafting

As my hastily-made Photoshop image might suggest, swimming is not exactly my specialty. I'm not horrible at it, but I'm not a pro either. This is one of the reasons that I have, regretfully, not ever gone whitewater rafting.
The other reason is that the opprotunity really has yet to present itself. If I do decide to go whitewater rafting, I will definitely go to Idaho Afloat for it.
Based on testimonial from my bosses as well as information from the Idaho Afloat site, I can tell that it is the best way to go.
Idaho Afloat have rafting experiences for six skill levels. I, of course, will jump straight up to Class VI: Extreme and Exploratory. I like to jump right into the thick of things.
Until a chance to go whitewater rafting presents itself, I suppose that I'll just stick to swimming at my Grandmother's house with my floaties on.


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