Friday, February 27, 2009

Hutchinson / Reno Arts & Humanities Council - We have one of those?

Dang, that's pretty cool lookin'. I think I'll go visit that sucker.
Sometimes I don't come across as the reasonably intelligent guy I think I am. There are times when I know I say things that lead my coworkers and friends to wonder whether I've gotten enough sleep or perhaps drank my breakfast out of a Robitussin bottle. I had one of those moments not too long ago, and it just so happens it was about one of our clients.

We had been talking here in the office about the social scene in Hutchinson, things to do, places to go, trouble to make, etc. - when I had one of my moments. I remember thinking out loud that it would be great if there were an office or organization that would set up the cool events in Hutch - public music shows, street fairs, traveling and local art exhibits, etc. I'm really not sure what I was thinking - that maybe these things in Hutch just happened as random occurences? Oh, Dave.

Almost as good as my musing was the dead pan response. We already have that. Here. In Hutchinson. It's called the Hutchinson / Reno Arts & Humanities Council. And by the way, design a website for them, smart guy. They're our new client. (I added the "smart guy", but I think it was implied in the response.)

So I was glad to find out about the HRAH. I thought it was cool that they help to organize a wide variety of events for the public. I was jazzed to learn that they also keep a directory of local artists across a wide range of art forms and media. I liked that they were wanting to display samples of artists' work on their site in an online gallery. And, for when people like me have one of their moments, that they would act as a news source, link to related organizations around the area, and point of contact for any inquiries.

Well, the site is up and running. We managed to get it looking pretty dang cool and working well. Hopefully it will help someone else like me as they're pondering one of those "Wouldn't it be great if we had..." kind of questions. Who knows how long I have until I play the goofball again.


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