Monday, April 17, 2006

New Project Designer at LogicMaze - Watch Out!

Dateline: Hutchinson, KS has taken a bold step forward by making a recent talent acquisition - hiring David Planthold as their new Project Designer (namely me).
That's about all the horn-blowing that I'm up for, so a little bit of realistic background about myself...

Having come from an extensive background in both graphic design and technical support, I've made a decisive career move to meld these two experiences by signing on here at LogicMaze. I have worked in print media design, fleet graphics, web elements, multi-media presentations, video and DVD production. That and I make a mean red-and-black bean chili!

Bringing all of these cards to the table, I am looking forward to working in an industry which can call upon all of these talents and allow me to develop new ones. With a sound company like LogicMaze (gratuitous promotion here... after all, my boss does read these posts) I feel I have excellent reason to hold high expectations for my future, and the future of our clients.

Now it's time to get to work!


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