Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Jeep accessories

Here's a brief summary of the 20 keywords we are working search engine placement for with

1. Jeep accessories - this is one of the most competitive keywords in this industry, because of how broad it is. Its one that takes constant effort to keep it high. When we started 2 months ago we weren't even on the map, right now we are # 15 on MSN.

2. Warn Winch This is an extremely competitive keyword as well especially since it is not industry specific to jeeps and we are working with a jeep website. We have made leaps and bounds. We are # 96 on MSN and #120 on Google. Doesn't sound that great to you? When we started in Jan. We weren't in the top 10,000 on Google and we weren't on MSN at all.

3. Winches - Huge Keyword not industry specific or manufacturer specific. Give us another month on this one. But when it hits jeepsandstuff's visits will jump drastically.

4. Bestop - huge industry related term. Bestop is one of the top manufacturers of Jeep stuff.
next to the 3 search engines, the link from Bestop's authorized dealers page is the biggest refer to so we know a lot of people are searching the internet for Bestop Jeep stuff.
MSN we are # 6 out 961,000 results.

5. Jeep liberty accessories # 10 on Google, # 6 on MSN and # 24 on Yahoo. This is our top performing keyphrase in terms of visits. Everyday this exact phrase is responsible for 25-30 unique visits to jeepsandstuff.

6. Jeep wrangler accessories - #4 on MSN! This is also a top performing keyword, should break into the top 20 on Google in the next 2 weeks and we are anxious to see what that does to the visits.

7. Jeep Tops - #10 on MSN produces alot of traffic, this is another one that should really open up on Google in the near future!

8. Jeep soft tops - # 7 on MSN and just about to crack into the top 20 on Google, should be just in time for summertime as jeep lovers begin to think about taking the hardtop off and getting ready for warmer weather.

9. Jeep Bumpers - #25 on Google, but we are #1 or #2 on Google for several related phrases like warn jeep bumpers. # 7 on MSN, lot's of jeep owners want aftermarket jeep bumpers and they find jeepsandstuff where ever they look.

10. Jeep Doors - This one is one we didn't work on at all in the previous campaign we did for In Jan. We were # 245 on Google, # 20 now and climbing. #14 on MSN

11. Jeep Windows - another we weren't on the map for 2 months ago, #11 on Google and #1 on MSN.

12. Jeep Wrangler Doors - This one has given us fits because the search engines all love the home page for this phrase. We tried to change it been then just went back to the home page and started pushing this traffic there. Didn't much feel like fighting the will of Google.

13. Jeep Seats - # 9 on MSN this one produces alot of traffic, guess I have seen alot of jeeps with milk crates wired in to sit on.

14. Jeep seat cover - Bestop product page is #3 on MSN for this search phrase, we have a jeep seat cover page but what ever works.

15. jeep bikini top - we have 2 pages that fair real well for this search term one is the general jeep tops page and one is specific to Jeep bikini tops. Both are in the top ten on MSN and Google.

16. Jeep hardtop - #11 on Google and # 2 on MSN, we will be at the top of all 3 major engines by the time fall comes around and folks are really looking for hardtops for jeeps.

17. Jeep hard top - two words they wanted dominate for both and we obliged. It matters in some search engines how you optimize grammatically as well as plural or singular anyhow I digress, # 15 on MSN and climbing.

18. Warn - got a little gutsy on this one. Big time keyword that we weren't sure had the budget to go after. We were wrong, we went from not being on any of the search engines to #110 on MS and climbing. There is a lot of stuff that pops up when you just type W-A-R-N into MSN 5.5 million things and we are about to break the top 100.

19. Tire Covers - another one we weren't sure was a good idea but went after anyway. Couldn't find anywhere in Jan and now they are almost in the top 50 on Google. We have changed our minds we can win this and will. 8.8 million results on Google for tire covers and we are almost in the top 50.

20. Jeep mirror - This is another keyword we hadn't thought of in the last go round so we didn't even have a base to start from, we weren't in the search engines at all and now we are #17 on Google and #1 on MSN. Not too bad?!

Still wondering if search engine optimization works or if LogicMaze in little ol' Hutchinson Kansas can really benefit your website traffic and increase your business? Well if your still not convinced just stick around and keep tracking us here, we will win you over.



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