Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Illinois Deer Hunting

Kevin Ayo owner of Ashlenz Outfitters called us a while back and had seen some of our website design portfolio and wanted to talk about a redesign for his site and maybe doing some internet marketing as well. At LogicMaze we are always happy to help promote a business and we started discussing some options. We came to the conclusion that Illinois Deer Hunting is a keyword that a quality operation like Kevin's needs to dominate on the search engines. We also decided that Ashlenz's outfitters is harvesting some of the best big Illinois bucks around and we need his potential clients to find pictures of big bucks on his website so they will want to purchase his services.

We went to work and the final product is great looking website that really represents the high class operation that you will experience if you go Illinois Deer Hunting with Ashlenz Outfitters.
Side note: If you care keep an eye on the search engines for keywords like Deer Hunting in Illinois,
Pike County Illinois Hunting Outfitters, Illinois Whitetail Hunting and anything else related. Ashlenz will be at the top soon.



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