Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New Website Design Releases

I haven't posted in 13 days and alot has happened. First of all we added two new members to our "BLOG TEAM" Tamara is the owner of LogicMaze so now we have to act civilized in our blog. Kat is our new intern and she has been doing a great job as well.

Lot's of stuff is happening and new clients are joining on for both website designs and and internet marketing. Be sure to check out Josh's post on . That was a grat project that we are now finished with and watching as the number of visitors goes through the roof.
We just finished 2 website redesigns for hunting outfitters. K&K Outfitters is a Kansas hunting guide service and Ashlenz Outfitters is in the business of Illinois Deer Hunting. Both projects ended up with great final sites, I will blog about each one individually.

I will be back more regularly now and with 4 people now posting it will get interesting.

See ya!!!



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