Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Whitewater Rafting

Time for an update on your favorite whitewater rafting destination and mine, Idaho Afloat. If you remember my last few posts on this site, you will know that Idaho Afloat ranks well on search terms including the word Idaho, such as Idaho whitewater rafting, but we wanted to get more general key words, such as whitewater, to bring Idaho Afloat to the top rankings.
Let see some of the numbers:
  1. whitewater rafting - #75 on Google (up 25+), #11 on MSN, (up 13), #63 on Yahoo (up 37+)
  2. whitewater rafting trip -#60 on Google (up 8), #10 on MSN (up 12)
  3. whitewater -#42 on MSN (up 18+) (Out of 2.5 Million!)
  4. river rafting vacation -#7 on Google (up 6), #1 on MSN (up 2), #12 on Yahoo (-)
  5. Idaho whitewater rafting -#2 on Google (up 1), #4 on MSN (up 12), #8 on Yahoo (up 7)
  6. Idaho rafting -#6 on Google (up 2), #2 on MSN (up 4), #2 on Yahoo (up 1)
  7. Idaho rafting vacations -#3 on Google (-), #6 on MSN (up 94+), #3 on Yahoo (up 2)

So, as you can see, we are starting to make some progress here. Whitewater rafting is really starting to kick in on all three search engines moving up a combined 75 spots, and should be interesting to watch. Results take a little time, and some of these results are just coming online today. We will continue to watch the search engines and keep you up to date as the numbers continue to rise for whitewater rafting terms!

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