Monday, April 24, 2006

Yahoo search engine optimization.


The second most popular search engine and most popular website in the world,, has been giving us fits with one particular project here at LogicMaze. We have been working on for almost a year now and the success has been phenomenal, on Google and MSN!!! But we were having a hard time getting the spectacular results we wanted on Yahoo. That is until just recently! I am not going to tell all of the tricks of the trade but I will prove to you that the results are real. Actually you can use this blog to prove to yourself the results are real. Take a look back at the previous blogs I entered for and you can see that I talked alot about MSN and Google results but not a whole lot about Yahoo. We were always moving up on Yahoo but it was happening so slowly that we were beginning to get frustrated. Well no more!!!!
We now have 7 keywords in the top twenty (Bestop, Jeep Wrangler Accessories, Jeep Liberty Accessories, Jeep Bumpers, Jeep Doors, Jeep Seats and Jeep Bikini top) and every keyphrase made significant improvements in the last 10 days. Look for a huge leap forward by the end of April.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that is a Yahoo Store! Go figure!!



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