Thursday, April 27, 2006

Exciting Work Continues

Time for a few project updates from your friendly Project Designer.

Work continues steadily for Progress3 the branding of their Jamison Station development project. You may recall, this is an ambitious undertaking in Franklin, TN - combining retail, office, and residential spaces into one coordinated plan. LogicMaze is steadily honing in on the final brand look for this project and are looking forward to the formal launch, adding it to our growing list of satisfied clients.

We have also reached our first milestone in our redesign for Pals Products, Inc. Having reached a final approval on site design, we are forging ahead to the full design - including web video and animations. Since we are shooting and editing video next week, check back here soon for further updates. LogicMaze is going to drive this client's business through the roof.

And lastly, we've been working on branding, logo designs, and site redesigns for other clients, to be announced soon - one of which is a large international agricultural equipment corporation. Check back here for further updates. Things are definitely hopping!


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