Monday, May 29, 2006


At midnight on May 22nd I was a little groggy and needed sleep and did a horrible thing! I got ridiculous and made the statement on this blog that LogicMaze Webdesigns could take Carol's Skin Essentials and Glowing Minerals to number 1 and Number 2 on MSN for the search phrase: Makeup. Everyone here in the office thought that was a little too gutsy as neither of them were on the top 25 pages in MSN for makeup when I made that statement. So I am sorry, I shouldn't have said that LogicMaze's search engine optimization team could rule MSN search for Makeup. Makeup is too big of a search term and we are just a little bitty Hutchinson Kansas Web firm.

HA, just kidding!
On May 22nd if you searched MSN for makeup you would not find Carol's Skin Essentials our Glowing Minerals. Today (exactly one week later) they are #33 and #41 out of over 10 million results, respectively, and climbing. We will win this! If you don't think being number one for a term like makeup will help a Hutchinson Kansas small business increase sales and provided an incredible return on investment, you are just naive. Can you imagine how many women search the internet for Makeup everyday. What if we took 2 small town Kansas businesses and made them the number one and nuumber two search results for Makeup!!! Holy Crap will the Avon lady and Ms. Mary Kay be upset.



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