Monday, May 22, 2006


Alright screw it, it's exactly midnight and I am tired of blogging about mineral makeup so I am going to make one of the now infamous LogicMaze cocky predictions. We are going to take Carol's Skin Essentials and Glowing Minerals to number one on MSN for the search phrase makeup. I know you think I am crazy, LogicMaze in Hutchinson Ks thinks they can take a Hutchinson Ks based Mineral Makeup distributor website to number one on MSN for the keyword makeup? Yes, we can! We will pass all of the makeup websites you can think of. We will pass all of the big shopping sites selling makeup, we will pass every website in the entire world that has anything about makeup on it. We will take Glowing Minerals and Carol's Skin Essentials to number one and number two in no particular order on a MSN search for makeup and no one can stop us. OK sorry it's late and I got to rambling there a little bit.
What makes us think we can be so cocky? First of all these are smart makeup companies. They have dedicated a budget to monthly search engine optimization and they know that if we do bold things like trying to rule the search engines for monstrous keywords like makeup, we can truly make their makeup businesses successful. Think if everyone in the world that searches for makeup is smacked in the face with not one but two LogicMaze designed makeup websites. Do you think it will increase their makeup sales. I THINK SO!!! Stay tuned I will decide in the morning if this is ridiculous or not.



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