Monday, May 22, 2006

Mineral Makeup 2

Ok, I just got done saying how blogging about mineral makeup kinda makes me feel goofy and what do I do but start another blog about mineral makeup.

The folks at Glowing Minerals are friends of Carol Norris' and they kinda came to us together and wanted us to go ahead and market both of these mineral makeup websites. In most circumstances we couldn't do search engine optimization on 2 different websites selling the exact same mineral makeup, but in this instance 2 friends came to us together and therefor it's not considered a conflict if interest.
Glowing minerals told us form the start that as there website designer they wanted us design their website with more of a modern woman approach, "make it a website for the the working mother" they said. So we took a little different approach in the website design than we did for Carol's skin essentials website. Glowing Minerals has a different look but still offers the same quality mineral makeup everyone has come to expect when they order mineral makeup from a Dechant Sheer Minerals certified representative. Mineral Makeup is big business and the fact that both of these websites are in the top ten for a mineral makeup search on MSN makes us here at LogicMaze proud of our search engine optimization practices.



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