Monday, May 22, 2006

Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup is a hot item these days. You see it all over infomercials and the internet. I feel a little goofy blogging about Mineral Makeup, so let me get right to the marketing part of it all.

Carol's Skin Essentials is a certified dealer of Dechant Sheer Minerals. This Mineral Makeup line came out of Hutchinson Kansas and has grown into a good size business with dealers and distributors in several states. Carol Norris from Carol's Skin Essentials has been with Dechant Sheer Minerals from the beginning and now her website is doing a wonderful job of letting women around the world know how good Mineral makeup is for all types of skin. Her website does focus on the benefits of mineral makeup for mature skin, but she does want everyone to remember that women of any age can benefit from the all natural mineral makeup line.

Enter LogicMaze, Carol asked us to be her website designer and do the search engine optimization as well. We have the site in the top ten for mineral makeup search on MSN and rapidly climbing in Yahoo and Google.

I am gonna start posting regularly and incorporate this into my regular blogs to keep everyone up to date on the search engine optimization progress of this Mineral Makeup website.



At 9/04/2008 2:44 AM, Anonymous Harley said...

Of course mineral makeup is the latest trend & it's much better than traditional makeup & cosmetics.


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