Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Marketing and client updates from LogicMaze - #1 Kansas website designer

You know the expression.... "big things come in little packages". That holds true for many things, and certainly so for our company, It is rare that you will find more bang for your buck, or more market influence than from a company as lean and concentrated as LogicMaze.

Take, for example, how a small company here in Hutchinson, KS can rank higher* (MSN search engine standings) than every other website design company or website designer in the world. LogicMaze is a regular contender for the #1 spot on MSN for "website designer". How does that happen? Well, you can be sure it isn't luck that makes it happen. Just like it isn't luck that drives up the search engine ranking for those clients of ours who take advantage of one of our marketing plans - including Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So with persistence, foresight, and the right tools - LogicMaze can compete pound-for-pound with any other website design company out there. You have to admit... it's pretty impressive (I'll admit my own bias on the subject).

It is with those same skills and tools that LogicMaze is able to drive the business for two of our more prominent clients whose business is makeup and skin care products - and . Each of these clients carry a diverse range of products to suit different skin care and makeup needs, and each has a focused marketing plan that places a healthy emphasis on internet marketing. Not that I can offer my own first-hand testimonials for their products, but I can say that both are serious businesses with a litany of very happy and very vocal customers. Not to sound like a broken record... but how did most of those people find them, in order to become customers? It's okay.. it's a rhetorical question. Through the internet marketing tools offered by (you guessed it)

In other news, my work for Pals Products is rapidly coming to its final stages, with the help of our fearless leader and Lead Designer, Tamara Heitschmidt. Tamara is helping to construct the bones of the site based upon my design work for the client - and we will be fleshing out the final details in the next few business days. I believe the clients are going to be extremely satisfied - particularly by comparison (remember... I mentioned getting a tremendous bang for your buck here).

And lastly, I wanted to give a shout out for our own news page - . I would hate for it to get overlooked, considering it is a ready source for updates and news regarding our company. Please stop by and see what's new. That's the thing about working in this industry... every day is a NEW day, so there's always something to learn and look forward to.


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