Monday, July 17, 2006

LogicMaze vs. Yahoo (LogicMaze Wins!!!)

Ok This is a little different jeepsandstuff post. This post is all about the love-hate-love relationship between Yahoo search and Ever since LogicMaze began Search Engine Optimization on Yahoo has given us fits and I believe we finally whipped them.
1. Jeep accessories - ever since we started Yahoo never gave us much thought with this grandaddy of a keyword now number 12 out of 10.1 million results.
2. Warn Winch - again this is a huge keyword probably harder to optimize for than jeep accessories, maybe not quite as lucrative for but we got it to number 14 on Yahoo out 989,000 results.
3. Winches - I'm stalling on this one.
4. Bestop- Number 15 out of 1.2 million.
5. Jeep liberty accessories - Number 3
6. Jeep wrangler accessories - Number 2
7. Jeep Tops - 13 out of 1.5 million
8. Jeep soft tops - Number 16
9. Jeep Bumpers - Number 2 out of 1.6 million -Jeep bumpers leads to lot's of sales for
10. Jeep Doors - #14, the search engine optimization team promises better results next report.
11. Jeep Windows - #2 - can't get much better but we will push for #!!
12. Jeep Wrangler Doors - Ok still working on it! Lay off!
13. Jeep Seats - #5 out of almost 4 million results.
14. Jeep seat cover - #20, this one has given us fits, nothing a little elbow grease and long nights won't solve.
15. jeep bikini top - #6
16. Jeep hardtop - #6 as well! We will continue search engine optimization and dominate this keyword so when summer is over and Jeep owners start looking for a jeep hardtop again they will land on
17. Jeep hard top - See # 16
18. Warn- #28 this is a hugely generic keyword, just do a search for it and see all the stuff we are up against. # 28 out of 29.5 million results isn't too shabby!!
19. Tire Covers - Still working, kinda stalling?
20. Jeep mirror - #1, not a bad way to end it huh???

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