Friday, September 22, 2006


What's cooler than fireworks? Aside from easy money and free things, not much. Well, of course, I'm cooler than fireworks, but that's not even fair to fireworks. It's kind of like saying peanut butter tastes better than rat poison - no real contest.
I digress.
In an age where most people derive most of their entertainment from the television, movies and internet (the latter of the three, being to the benefit of myself and my colleagues) we as a collective often forget about how cool it can be to go out and watch colorful explosions in the sky. Fireworks seem to have a way to make any event or occasion that much bigger. As a finale, fireworks can't be beat.
I remember more than a few occasions in which my friends and I took it upon ourselves to put on our very own "fireworks extravaganza." Somehow throwing black cats and shooting roman candles at one another just doesn't seem up to par with a professionally done fireworks display by a company like Rainbow Fireworks. There's definitely less likelihood of an ambulance ride in the near future.
"But Mitchell," that's my name, Mitchell.
"But Mitchell, I can't afford professional fireworks!" you might exclaim indignantly.
To this, I have one response: "Which is cheaper, a professional fireworks display or a prosthetic hand?"


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