Monday, October 30, 2006

Online Travel

Ok here's what we have done...
First National Travel Agency of Hutchinson Kansas came to us and wanted to develop a complete marketing strategy that help them to focus their marketing efforts instead of throwing darts at a board to decide how to spend marketing dollars. We sat down with them and decided upon a little bit more modern approach to marketing the business.

We used a little bit of backwards engineering:
1. What are the main barriers to getting customers to use First National Travel as their first choice for Travel Planning? That was easy, the biggest barrier is obviously the huge boom of internet travel websites. These companies have 100s of millions of dollars for marketing and make insane claims of how cheap their services are. Ridiculous boasts of "Name your price for any flight!" or "You decide what you pay for a hotel room". I have tried them, you probably have as well, my wife and I suffered the wrath of an online travel site on a trip to Idaho last summer! (Details here)

So, we needed to let the world (First National Travel has the ability to provide Travel Agent services to anyone, anywhere!) know that these online travel giants are not able to get you any better deals than First National Travel. Yep, that's right, you can call a real human being at FNTA and they can get you the same, sometimes better, deals as the robots with foreign accents on the online travel sites.
So... We attacked!!!!!!!!
The creative team here at LogicMaze decided to make fun of Online Travel sites and the huge pitfalls consumers can incur when trying to deal with them. We launched , an actual website that looks like another ridiculous attempt to take your money online while providing you the same customer service as a big rock.

After we put online, we directed all the links to humorous error messages that redirect you to contact info for First National Travel. We launched a corresponding radio and print campaign dealing. The traditional media is a blend of making fun of Traveltron5000 and pushing people to the site to discover on their own the humor behind it.

We also identified other smaller barriers to the growth of FNTA and we are executing several other methods for promoting FNTA and we will keep you up to on them as they come to be.



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