Monday, October 02, 2006

Why would we drive to Idaho?

Well, you see it all started when I went to my favorite online travel site. It's the site, where I know I will save time and money by going online to book my flight tickets.

I started noticing that as I was checking out they were tacking on an extra $50.00 service fee. Well, I thought, I am already this far in the process, I just need to check out and get these tickets bought.

During my last trip to Idaho in August, our plane was delayed 4 hours and later cancelled. So, I waited in line with all of the other unruly passengers to get re-ticketed for the next day. At about that same time, a man was just ending his cell phone call in the gate area said to me, "My travel agent has already scheduled me for another flight that goes out later today". I thought to myself, I will just do the same thing! So I called my "favorite online travel site" and it seemed they were experiencing a high volume of calls, so I pulled out my trusty laptop and went online to book another flight. As I typed in the website to "my favorite online travel site". I looked for a button or something that said,

No such luck. There is no magic button to help when you get stranded, but I would have loved to be able to call a travel agent so they could take care of me.


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