Monday, September 25, 2006

First National Travel

Maybe I should blog about this twice, like David did his last one.

Anyway, the First National Travel pay per call campaign seems to be working. To date, the ads have brough 14 calls - not bad.
I'm considering running a pay per call ad to get people to call me and be my friend, since David thinks he too cool to go to bingo with me and pick up chicks anymore.
Back to First National Travel:
We are running 5 ads - Travel Agent, Group Travel, Corporate Travel, Cruises, and Carribean Travel. The latter two are probably the most comptetitive of the five. The Carribean Travel campaign has taken some doing to even get to display, but I think I've finally got it.
If any of you loyal blog reader is interested in traveling, I strongly recommend First National Travel, as opposed to one of those dime a dozen e-travel agencies. Unless you are a professional travel agent, it's hard to see any reason why you should be expected to coordinate your own vacation. What if you make an error? Will you know what to do to remedy the situation? Would you even have the resources?
Not likely.
What if you were to book a vacation to Paris, France and ended up, instead, booking a flight to Paris, Texas? Who would catch your error?
Kinda scary isn't it. . .Texas. . .


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