Friday, October 06, 2006

Jeeps and Stuff

You know, I've talked a lot in the past about Jeeps forJeeps and Stuff. I think it's high time that I discuss the and stuff. I suppose the and stuff is actually all of the stuff that they sell, since they don't actually sell Jeeps. Let's not split hairs on this. Get off of my back! You're smothering me! I think we just need some time apart.

Ok, that was long enough
The point that I was attempting to make was that Jeeps and Stuff sells accessories for other makes than Jeep. For instance, they've got accessories for the Chevy Tracker. Got a Suzuki Samurai or Sidekick? They've got accessories for those too.
If it's a 4X4 or has off roading capabilities (or if it's a Tracker), there's a good chance that Jeeps and Stuff has goodies for it


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