Monday, October 02, 2006

Vacations vs. Blogging

It's a picture of Cody & Tamara Heitschmidt on their way to the perfect vacation opportunity! In our souped-up Jeep.

We are headed west on I70 on our way to Idaho Afloat. Idaho Afloat is owned and operated by Bruce & Jeanne Howard. They are just "salt of the earth" type people. We have gone for the last two years, and I just NEVER want to leave. The land seems untouched and it is a very intriguing area, rich in history. We have taken on the Snake River for both of our rafting adventures, and they were a "thrill-a-minute". Idaho Afloat is easy to market because it's the type of place with the type of people where you never feel like you are going to be let down.

Need to schedule next years family vacation?
Call Idaho Afloat - 1-800-700-2414 or
Visit their website:



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