Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization .

If you care about your website at all and what it is doing for your business your head is probably spinning about what you should do to make your website produce more conversions. Am I right?
Ok, let's back up, what is a conversion? That's easy, what do you want people who visit your website to do? Buy something from an online store, subscribe to your newsletter, fill out a form so your customer service people can contact them to make a sale? A conversion is whatever you want it to be.

Next step: are you tracking conversions?
(C)I don't know how to track conversions!

Whether you are honest about it or not, I would bet 90% of you should be answering (C). You probably haven't had time to decide what a conversion is for your website. If you think all that matters is mass amounts of traffic to your site you are wasting a lot of time and effort.

Well, Hold on I just considered that we may need to back up one more step. Do you even know how many people are visiting your website? Here at LogicMaze we are now putting Google Analytics on everyone of our customers sites free of charge. There is more info in Google Analytics than a die hard marketing analyst could ever want. Every website owner in the world should have this free service on their site. You can study thousands of different cross references about how visitors got to your site, what they do once they are in the site and why they left the site. If you aren't using some sort of good web analytics, any search engine optimization or any marketing at all related to your website is completely dartboard marketing.

Ok back to Search engine Optimization :
1. Does it work??? - Yes, Check here , here , here and here .
2. Is it a good option for your company. Its drives people to your companies website who are actively looking for your products or services!!! You do the math.
3.Can LogicMaze help my company with Search Engine Optimization . Check out question #1!!!

Click here , fill out the form we will contact you back and make your website work better for you.

Happy Halloween .



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