Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Steel Products

Working here at LogicMaze, I find myself having to learn about a lot of things that I generally would know nothing about. Right now, it's steel products compliments of Haven Steel. I'm having to get a little info on all sorts of things from hot forming, hot forging and jargon like "quench and temper." It's mind blowing.

There are even some things that sound kind of scary, like ripper shank and cultivator shank. Turns out these are just things for cultivating needs. But they sound kinda terrifying, don't they?

For more information about Haven Steel and their products and services about which I know less than I should, go to their site.

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Friday, April 04, 2008

Skills USA

Tamara, Cody and I were co-chairs and judges at a Skills USA web design contest held at HCC yesterday. It was a lot of fun, and truly an honor to be involved in.

A huge help to us in that endeavor was Marisa Honomichl of the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center. She was nice enough, not only to join us in judging the competition, but to participate in the crazy scheme we cooked up for the project to give to the children. We sincerely appreciate it.

Just in case any rumors get started because of the project we gave the contestants to work on; no, there is NOT an Area 51 display at the Cosmosphere with real alien bodies in it.

That would be pretty cool, though.