Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Smith's Market Newsletter

Smith's Market wanted a way to inform their customers about the many different foods and blends that they have to offer at their market in Hutchinson, KS. Thats where Logic Maze came in to create for them a newsletter page where customers can subscribe and recieve crucial information concerning different sales and pricing along with the vast inventory that this market has to offer. With this online newsletter, reaching not only locally but across the states, Smith's Market will be able to inform consumers across the country about their many food products.

Peterson Predictive Maintenance - Hutchinson, We Have Website Launch

Spanning the days of Friday, July 21 and Monday, July 24 - Hutchinson website designer had the official launch for the new, and much improved, website for Peterson Predictive Maintenance.

For those of you who follow our blog, you already know a fair amount about this company from my previous blog posts (1, 2, and 3). Peterson Predictive Maintenance was founded over 5 years ago by Chuck Peterson, a retired arson investigator for the fire department and former maintenance worker in the natural gas industry. From his experience in both of these fields, Chuck was able to see the benefit of not only predictive maintenance, but of combining the technologies of infrared thermal imaging and ultrasound detection for that purpose.

Two of the most significant benefits coming from the services that Peterson Predictive Maintenance offers concerns safety and accuracy. Because of the technology that PPM uses, all of their evaluation and testing is completely non-invasive. Physical contact with the working machinery is not required. That means the equipment tested can be run with normal loads at normal working speeds. This also leads to more accurate information being gathered since all of their tests are done under real world conditions. There is no need for guessing or subjective interpretation when Peterson Predictive Maintenance is on the job.

Starting out as a one man company, Peterson Predictive Maintenance is rapidly growing not only in size, but in influence as well. Chuck Peterson has been asked to act as Guest Speaker at the Ultrasound World III "Top Gun" Conference this November in Clearwater Beach, Florida. This honor is largely due to PPM's combination of Infrared Thermal Imaging and Ultrasound Detection as complimentary resources to draw upon when establishing a predictive maintenance program.

LogicMaze is proud to add Peterson Predictive Maintenance to our growing list of satisfied clients. But our relationship with PPM is just beginning, as LogicMaze will continue by helping to prepare conference presentation materials as well as printed literature to add to our marketing effort for this innovative company. Congratulations, Peterson Predictive Maintenance!

Monday, July 17, 2006

LogicMaze vs. Yahoo (LogicMaze Wins!!!)

Ok This is a little different jeepsandstuff post. This post is all about the love-hate-love relationship between Yahoo search and Ever since LogicMaze began Search Engine Optimization on Yahoo has given us fits and I believe we finally whipped them.
1. Jeep accessories - ever since we started Yahoo never gave us much thought with this grandaddy of a keyword now number 12 out of 10.1 million results.
2. Warn Winch - again this is a huge keyword probably harder to optimize for than jeep accessories, maybe not quite as lucrative for but we got it to number 14 on Yahoo out 989,000 results.
3. Winches - I'm stalling on this one.
4. Bestop- Number 15 out of 1.2 million.
5. Jeep liberty accessories - Number 3
6. Jeep wrangler accessories - Number 2
7. Jeep Tops - 13 out of 1.5 million
8. Jeep soft tops - Number 16
9. Jeep Bumpers - Number 2 out of 1.6 million -Jeep bumpers leads to lot's of sales for
10. Jeep Doors - #14, the search engine optimization team promises better results next report.
11. Jeep Windows - #2 - can't get much better but we will push for #!!
12. Jeep Wrangler Doors - Ok still working on it! Lay off!
13. Jeep Seats - #5 out of almost 4 million results.
14. Jeep seat cover - #20, this one has given us fits, nothing a little elbow grease and long nights won't solve.
15. jeep bikini top - #6
16. Jeep hardtop - #6 as well! We will continue search engine optimization and dominate this keyword so when summer is over and Jeep owners start looking for a jeep hardtop again they will land on
17. Jeep hard top - See # 16
18. Warn- #28 this is a hugely generic keyword, just do a search for it and see all the stuff we are up against. # 28 out of 29.5 million results isn't too shabby!!
19. Tire Covers - Still working, kinda stalling?
20. Jeep mirror - #1, not a bad way to end it huh???

Want LogicMaze to optimize your site so you can demolish your competition in the search results?? Contact us here.



Ok many moons ago I posted that we would make dominate the MSN search for the keyword "makeup'. Well we haven't quite got there, we are at number 7 out of almost 9.8 million results as of today. We aren't too upset but we will win!!!

Another keyword that we went after with Carol's skin essentials was mineral makeup. You see she carries Dechant Sheer Minerals which is a top quality mineral makeup line and we want every woman in the world looking for mineral makeup to find our client. So after a couple months of good dedicated search engine optimization, the LogicMaze internet marketing team is proud to announce we are number one on MSN for the keyphrase mineral makeup. It is sending on average 45 people a day to , just one single keyphrase worth 45 potential buyers a day in your store. WOW!

p.s. The pic is of Tamara here at LogicMaze, she wears Dechant Mineral Makeup!!!

Here's Johnny!

Thanks for that Cody, I try to throw a little excitement into our lives and now I am the company psycho! I can't believe you would label me crazy! Just for that I'm sending the aliens after you... HA HA HA. I will take care of you and them at the same time. They will never launch their website with "Designs By Cody".
Also visit:
Cody Heitschmidt and Cody is My hero!!

Seacrest Out

PS, I'm counting this as an official blog, and I hope that wasn't too mean.

Josh completely went off the deep end.

We all just thought we had been keeping Josh too busy to blog, but there seems to be something else going on, something darker, something deeper. I truly love how he throws the subtle LogicMaze plug in after he goes berzerk about aliens!! Classic!


Melland Engineering Inc. - McPherson, Kansas

The Aliens have returned me

Obviously I have not blogged in awhile, if anyone is paying attention to that sort of thing. At first I thought I was just slacking off or too busy, but it dawned on me that I must have been abducted by aliens. It makes sense if you think about it. They may have harnessed the technology to travel great distances, but I have yet to see one website designed by them. Perhaps they have designed sites but lack the Search Engine Optimization skills for us to find the pages. They may have advanced weaponry and the ability to communicate telepathically, but how will they destroy the Earth if they do not have a website to get the word out and a blog to share thoughts on how to best accomplish their goal.

And that's where the
flashbacks start. With the help of a psychologist friend of mine and the science of hypnotic regression we were able to recover some of my memory and give us insight to the extraterrestrial conspiracy. In my first recalled memory the e.t.'s seem especially pissed off that seemed to be the home of a tax preparation company. They want to know how to invade the site and take their domain name. As I explain to them that it could be a challenge, I black out. My next memory begins with an e.t. asking me to tutor him on some web design software. I agree and we head to some kind of alien computer lab full of Macs. When I started laughing at their "advanced technology" I remember being hit with some kind of mental power that knocked me out. (Side note: I still don't understand how they got here with Macs. I don't see how they had enough power to get off the ground, but it does explain how in 50 years only one has crashed.) My other recalled memories all revolve around Search Engine Optimization, and obviously I appeased the aliens with my trade secrets (Sorry Tam & Cody). I'm sure we will see whatever domain they choose be the number one result for every keyword in the world right before the invasion begins.

Just a heads up to other
web design teams out there. To my knowledge I never assisted the alien's with any layout and design skills. They may be coming for you! My suggestion is to not know anything about Macs. That is also the solution to save the earth! We must find a way to crash their Macs, before they can get their site online!

There you have it, my one and only
Orson Welles tribute post. Seriously though, I am alive and well and if you want to be number one for your search term, give LogicMaze of Hutchinson, Kansas a call today!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Jeep bumpers

Jeep bumpers -alot of people either don't like the bumpers that Chrysler put on jeeps in the factory or (this option is more likely) they just tear the hell out of alot of jeep bumpers and need to buy new frequently.

Another slightly less politically correct option might be our unending drive to have the biggest and baddest of everything that I have found might just apply to jeep owners slightly more than your average joe.

OK, if you are one of 5 people in the world who have read other posts on this blog before (here and here and here), you may remember that not so long ago we were number 1 on MSN for jeep bumpers. Well just like jeep tops we let ourselves get distracted we concentrated a little too much attention on broader keywords and jeep bumpers slipped a little. Don't get me wrong, we don't consider it a mistake, we went after big keywords like jeep accessories, jeep liberty accessories, jeep wrangler accessories and warn winch, and it worked!! Jeepsandstuff's traffic and sales has steadily increased and since January we have actually helped them decrease their marketing budget. So don't cry for jeepsandstuff or us here at LogicMaze, were all good, we are just gonna launch a comeback and regain the title on a few keywords that might have slipped a little bit. AND we will stay at the top for the big keywords we recently began to dominate.


Monday, July 10, 2006


Makeup! That's a powerful freaking word in today's marketing community. Just think of all the big name cosmetics companies, paying millions of dollars to the top super models to spread the word about their makeup. Well let's go this route, I will let you decide, no statistics from a study or completely unscientific online poll results. Where do you think most women these days are researching their next makeup purchase? I don't know for sure but I would wager that the internet is pretty close to the number one used source in the world for women researching makeup. So do this go to and search for makeup and see where comes up! Not to bad for a small-town Kansas website huh? Doesn't hurt to be carrying one of the fastest growing mineral makeup lines around. (Also doesn't hurt to have the LogicMaze search engine optimization team on your side!!)


jeep tops

Jeep tops is a big keyword for LogicMaze client Lots of folks obviously need a new jeep top because they have destroyed the old one or they bought a jeep with no top and thought it was great in the summer and then realized how freaking cold it was in the winter or whatever reason. Several months ago we dominated the search engines (esp. MSN) for this monster keyword. Well we slipped a little bit. We have dropped out of the top ten on MSN for jeep tops. Why?? You ask, well we started to really concentrate on some bigger keywords like jeep accessories (which we happen to be number one for on MSN) and didn't devote enough attention to some of the more specific keywords like... jeep tops! Well it just goes to show you that search engine optimization is only going to last if you keep working on it. Just because you get to the top of the search engines for a specific keyword does not mean you can just forget about it and move on. You have to continue the good fight and right here right now I am telling you we will get back to the top for jeep tops.


Friday, July 07, 2006

Peterson Predictive Maintenance - Beginning Final Countdown to Launch

Just a quick update this morning about one of LogicMaze's more interesting clients of late - Peterson Predictive Maintenance.

As you may recall from my previous posts (here and here) LogicMaze is providing a serious overhaul to the website for Peterson Predictive Maintenance. We have certainly stepped it up several notches as far as website design, but have also reorganized the content and added a number of new items as well. More to the point... we are just a hair's breadth away from a final site launch on this baby.

Peterson Predictive Maintenance specializes in the use of infrared thermal imaging and ultrasonic detection to the benefit of a wide variety of industries. PPM uses these technologies to locate and diagnose problems areas in equipment and systems before they become critical and unnecessarily expensive, allowing the schedule of maintenance and repair with a minimum of cost and downtime. Therein lies the advantage of predictive maintenance - you have the knowledge that allows you to make only the replacements, service, and repairs that you need to as they are needed - instead of the unnecessary costs involved in regularly scheduled maintenance or system failure.

Check back here soon for our final announcement on the official launch of Peterson Predictive Maintenance's new website - as well as other marketing and promotional materials LogicMaze will be generating for this exciting and rapidly growing business.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Button Hole - Fabrics, Notions, Gifts... and Coffee!

I have to admit that I suffer from a chronic condition. I don't know if it has a formal medical name, but if it did it would probably sound something like... curiositus maximus, or maybe... nosiness majorus. Basically, there are very few things in this world that I am not interested in to at least some degree. This is a mixed blessing at best.

With that in mind, there may not be much, at first, that I would personally find engaging at The Button Hole - one of the largest independently owned quilt shops in the nation. But I can recognize the interest that people like my mom, for example, would have in such a place - not to mention the other shops that are a part of the whole experience. So, I just have to look at The Button Hole from my mother's perspective - since she's very big into sewing and quilting projects of all kinds.

One of the first things you note about The Button Hole is that, as a quilt shop, it is HUGE. It's hard to believe that there are that many choices to be had for fabrics, yarn, floss, sewing, and quiliting supplies. But you walk around this immense quilt shop for quite a while and you have the proof. The Button Hole also carries hundreds of sewing notions, books, and patterns, beginner and advanced sewing classes, as well as sales and service of Pfaff sewing machines. And then to round out the experience, they also carry Very Bradley bags, Brighton Jewelry, Crabtree & Evelyn products, and many other gift items.

In short, The Button Hole by itself is a place where I could lose my mother for about a week before she came to the surface. And still there are three other stores within The Button Hole. The Hearth Room is a finely furnished coffee shop that serves other delicious beverages and homemade goodies. Body & Soul is a Christian book store that features a vast selection of Christian books, Bibles, music , church supplies, and more. And there's the Health Food Market - with not only health food products, bulk food bins, books, and music, but also supplements, health & beauty aids.

LogicMaze has been fortunate in not only being able to build the website for The Button Hole, but also in providing the online marketing strategy and search engine optimization (SEO) to help drive business to their site - and their store.

The bottom line is that, if you are looking for an exceptional quilt shop, head to The Button Hole in McPherson, KS. Or if you know someone else who would enjoy it - chances are great that you can find something to suite your tastes as well.

Monday, July 03, 2006

jeep accessories

Jeep accessories is a huge keyword. For those of you who have been following this blog (all 3 of you) you know that for a year now we have been fighting the good fight to get jeepsandstuff to and keep them at the top of the search engines for this giant key phrase. Well just a little note to let you know that right now on msn we are number 1 out of 1.7 million results. Number one, not top ten, not towards the top, number 1. Jeep accessories alone, that exact search phrase is worth about 35 potential customers a day entering jeepsandstuff's online store. Search engine optimization could very well be the best marketing investment any company ever made!!! LogicMaze can help.


Graphic Design VS Website Design - Content over Appearance

Here is my third post along these lines - again, just sharing the observations I've made in my short time as a (fledgling) web designer. You can check out my two previous posts on this subject here and here.

With design for print media, the emphasis usually seems to be on the look of the piece. Now while that seems to be a "duh!" kind of statement, what I mean is that the quality of the content (the value of the information being conveyed) is usually secondary to HOW that information is being framed. Have you ever read a brochure or a newspaper ad and found that you could reduce the useful information in it down to one or two sentences? That's what I'm talking about.
And there is good reason for this. In most cases, print media has to be put in front of the viewer. Most people don't drive down the road for the sake of looking at the billboards. Most people don't buy their newspapers or magazines for the sake of reading the ads inside. For the currency of your attention there is a great deal of competition - so with most print design the emphasis HAS to be on appearance, just to get you interested long enough to convey the real content.

Web design is different in a fundamental way. When we browse the web, or search for content, we are involved in an active experience where we are exercising control. We are making choices and (usually) looking for something relatively specific - information. Whether that information is in the form of text, numeric data, photographs, sound, or video - we usually have a target in mind. It is because of that active aspect to the experience, the searching that we do, that the quality of the content is far more important than how it is framed. I'll give you a small, real-world example (if not a goofy one). If I'm looking for a killer recipe for chili, I'm focused on the quality of the content (meaning how complex the recipe is, how readily the ingredients can be acquired, and how good I imagine the final result will taste). While I'm looking, truth be told I don't care whether the websites I come across have cool looking graphics, eye-catching layouts, or even a single picture of chili. In this case, the site I got my recipe from (for some awesome red and black bean chili) was completely text only - not a single image of any kind. Such is the case for a great majority of the searching that is done online. Graphics have their place, and they do help to convey a sense of worth, a pleasing aesthetic, or even just some simple fun. But where the web is concerned - content is king.

It is understanding this huge difference between print and website design that helps LogicMaze to shine as website designers and search engine optimization (SEO) specialists. It is not as simple as taking a graphic designer and plopping them down in front of a WYSIWYG web development application (oh, how I wish it was that easy). You have to understand that the very nature of your media is different - so your emphasis must correspond to that nature. LogicMaze understands website design - and how best to put it to work for you.