Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Jeep Accessories

Jeeps are cool, but let's face it: your average run-of-the-mill Jeep just doesn't command the kind of respect that your average Jeep owner expects.
You've gotta trick it out with as many cool Jeep accessories as you can so that you're driving a formitable offroading machine. This is where our friends at Jeeps and Stuff come in handy. They've got a huge selection of Jeep accessories like winches, bumpers, seat covers and tops.
Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance and list all of the keywords for Jeeps and Stuff:

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jeep soft tops
Warn winch
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jeep hard top
Jeep Mirror
Tire Covers

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Friday, December 22, 2006

December Newsletter

Be sure to check out our latest issue of the Carrier Pigeon Newsletter you can see what's going on at LogicMaze and meet our newest staff member!
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Thursday, December 21, 2006

McPherson Kansas Realtor

LogicMaze recently released a press release about our search engine optimization to put Arbuckle Realty to good placement for keywords like McPherson Kansas realtor, McPherson houses for sale and even Kansas real estate .
You can read it here: LogicMaze McPherson Realtor Press Release
If you would like to read some more press releases from LogicMaze, check this out: Web Designer Press Releases

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Search Engine Optimization

OK I gotta vent a little.

First read this: Newswire Today Press Release

Ok the guys at MRPWebmedia (I will give them a link there and it will help their Search engine optimization!!) are exactly right and they are incredibly wrong!!

What they are right about:

1. Presentation is essential, content is King and cool websites get people talking. I paraphrased there a little. I agree with those points intensely and we handle all of our clients with those points in mind. I will go one step further and say that the crew at MRPwebmedia makes phenomenal designs and graphic presentations. I mean it, they are really good designers.

What they are completely wrong about: (I won't paraphrase here)

1. Jerry Bader, Senior Partner of MRPwebmedia say there's a better way for companies to deliver their messages and improve their bottom lines - "For some time we have been preaching the importance of delivering the marketing message and that your message should not be corrupted or distorted by techniques aimed at attracting search engine robots well driving away real people who may actually be potential customers."

It doesn't have to be corrupted there is a middle ground that accomplishes both!
Look at Underground Vaults and Storage, read Mitchell's blog
here and realize that the Search Engine Optimization we do for them is leading to on average 75-90 people a day being exposed to underground Vaults and Storage services. And those people that are being exposed are there because they were searching Google, Yahoo, MSN or some other search engine for the types of services that UVS offers. And the site looks great!!!!(LogicMaze consulted for SEO on this project with UVS and Entermotion , Entermotion designed the site and did a great job.) (LogicMaze continues to perform SEo for UVS today.)

"Small companies are using multimedia to get the edge on their larger competitors who still have their heads buried in the search engine optimization sand".

Wow, this guy has it completely backwards. Let's look at ... You wanna talk about little guys, try matching Jeepsandstuff up against JC Whitney or Quadratec. No chance they could sell anything in a market where they compete with the likes of those corporate giants, right? Wrong! Jeepsandstuff hired LogicMaze to help them get people to their site. They knew that if people came to their site (which they built themselves in Yahoo Stores) they could offer great selection and superior customer service and make a go of competing with the big boys. Do this, go to MSN and search for Warn jeep bumpers , you don't think that does incredible things for Jeepsandstuff's ability to sell Jeep bumpers ? (They are number one and number two out of over 60,000 results if you didn't take the time to go look)

3. "you can't be afraid to make a strong statement if you want people to sit-up and take notice, especially if you are fighting a tidal wave of misconception."

John Kerry made a strong statement once too. Didn't work out so well! MRPWebmedia is trying to rock the boat a little with this campaign they are launching and that's cool, right up until a business that hires them on ends up with a cool looking web project that no one ever visits.

4. Bader's continuing efforts from numerous articles written advocating the power of using the human voice and image to deliver marketing stories over the Web was finally getting through to companies who were fed-up with the cost and ineffectiveness of continually chasing the holy grail of search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is not a Holy Grail, it is attainable on can be accomplished with a very small budget, based on individual companies goals. Let's look at
Ashlenz Outfitters ! Kevin from Ashlenz hired Logicmaze to design a new website for his Outfitting business in Pike county Illinois. If you know anything about deer hunting you know that Pike County Illinois is the Promise Land. Well so do about 57 other outfitters, all in one county! It's a dog eat dog world trying to run an outfitting business in Pike County and trying to be the outfitter that someone finds, much less chooses is a daunting task. Kevin called on us to build him a cool website (click here to see it, it's cool!) It has flash slideshow presentations, incredible amounts of great imagery and a neat precise look to it. Then Kevin mentioned to us that he had spent XXXXX amount of dollars traveling to trade shows in 2006 and didn't feel like it amounted to any new clients. So we suggested Search Engine Optimization would be a better way to spend those dollars. WE WERE RIGHT!!! Ashlenz Outfitters in the last 49 days has recieved over 60 inquiries from hunters want to go deer hunting or turkey hunting with them. Know how those folks got to his website?? Go to and search for Illinois Hunting, or even better search for Deer hunting, Ashlenz is number 4 out of 8.3 million results. Search Engine Optimization is the most effective advertising tool in the world. It takes your advertising dollar and puts your message in front of potential clients who are actually looking for your product or service.

Everything in italics is directly from
Newswire Press Release !


Friday, December 15, 2006

Turkey Hunting

We've got things going pretty well for Ashlenz Outfitters in the deer hunting category. The site receives a great number of traffic from very specific keywords (like deer hunting) and produces a great amount of conversions. This is an amazing accomplishment, considering the competition.
What we would like to do, though is spread the word about turkey hunting with Ashlenz Outfitters. The deadline for the first lottery is fast approaching: January 11. What I would recommend is getting a hold of them a.s.a.p. and getting everything arranged.
Hunting turkey with Ashlenz gives you an opportunity to hunt on over 8000 acres of great turkey habitat, which produce nearly %100 successful hunts every year.
If you're into hunting turkey, you would be a fool to pass up the opportunity.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

AT 5:05 pm CST Today!!

Mitchell fell down the stairs, he's ok!


Arbuckle Realty

If you're looking for a new house in a great community, you should check out McPherson Kansas.
There is an abundance of realtors in McPherson, but one stands out above the rest to me: Arbuckle Realty.
LogicMaze has had the pleasure for a while now of working closely with Arbuckle Realty in web design, marketing and search engine optimization. These joint efforts have made their site ideal for anybody that is looking for real estate in McPherson Kansas. Visitors can look at Arbuckle listings or search listings in McPherson and the surrounding area. If you find something you like, Arbuckle Realty can help get you into that home, whether it's listed through them or not. It's not a mistake to trust their expertise.
Give them a shot.

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Gazaway Montain Boys

I love this song!! This is local bluegrass band, you should seriously consider them your next event entertainment. Their site is here. I know one of the members but LogicMaze is in no way affiliated with them this is a sincere recommendation!


Thursday, December 07, 2006

McPherson Kansas Realtor

The truth is that if you need a McPherson KS realtor, there are many of them to chose from. I think that it might possibly have a higher concentration of realtors than of other people. I'll tell you who you should use, if you do need a McPherson KS realtor: me. Just kidding.
Arbuckle Realty is who I would suggest.
You don't even have to leave your house! Just go to their website and search for listings online.That's pretty darned convenient, if you ask me.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

50 Free Salsas Left!

There is still free salsa left on the Flat Iron Meats site! If you haven't gotten some yet, you probably should.
I can't really see any reason not to get something for free, especially not awesome green salsa.
Not a salsa fan? Flat Iron Meats also has an excellent selection of meats from steak to jerky. All of their products are source verified and identity preserved, which means that they know that cow that your product came from was healthy. We can all be happy not to get mad cow.
And on that horrible, horrible joke, I'm done.

Friday, December 01, 2006

The 2 biggest news stories in Hutchinson, Ks

1. Flat Iron Meats is giving away Salsa, no strings attached. Period. Click Free Salsa

2. Zenor Electric has a job opening for a Receptionist. This would seriously be a great job for someone looking to work for a well established company in a fun work environment. Click Zenor Help Wanted .

No thanks necessary that's what I am here for.


Free Green Salsa pt. 2

There is still some free salsa from Flat Iron Meats left! You would be a fool not to get it.
Here's something cool: we put that page up on the Flat Iron Meats site the night before last, and it's already at #2 on MSN. How cool is that?
I'll answer for you. It's awesome.
In closing: let me just emphasize that there is free salsa on the Flat Iron Meats site.
Hurry before it's all gone!