Monday, January 29, 2007

Hutchinson Pet Groomer

Among several sites that you can expect soon from LogicMaze (and I mean we are gonna be crankin' them out), you can look for one for Hutchinson, KS pet groomers, Pampered Paws.
They will offer a webcam for you to view where you can see you pet, if you board it with them.
Pretty snazzy.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sporting Clays

Kansas Clays & Hunts offers a challenge to the advanced shooter as well as opportunities for the beginner to start enjoying a lifetime of the shotgun sports.

Kansas Clays is a member of the National Sporting Clays Association and the Kansas Sporting Clays Association.

Kansas Clays has a newly remodeled clubhouse which offers a variety of miscellaneous items including: ammunition, reloading supplies, hats, gift certificates, 500 and 1000 target punch cards, snacks, and drinks.

Kansas Clays & Hunts offers a 10 station, world-class sporting clays course that is regularly changed to keep you coming back for more. The skeet range is surrounded by trees with an ever-changing backdrop of the season's crops. The wobble trap positions you above the targets released below you. The wobble trap is great for friendly competition or warming up for the sporting clays course.

Check out the website today to learn more!Krannawitter Web Designer Awesome Web Design

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Offroad Fever

Ok, in light of the recent weather, I'm sure that we all kind of wish that we had a 4x4 Jeep to help get us around on the roads.
If you're one of the fortunate ones who has a four-wheel drive vehicle; please be considerate of the people in the Metros and the Civics, and don't throw a bunch of road sludge on their windshield deliberately. I mean seriously.
Jerk or not, you could still get all sorts of cool stuff for your vehicle at They've got a variety of jeep accessories as well as things for other makes and models.
Check them out sometime.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Turkey Hunting

Second lotter deadline for turkey hunting is February 9. That means that you need to get your proverbial poop in a group if you want to shoot some birds.
If it's turkey hunting that you want, then you should contact Ashlenz Oufitter. They offer around 8000 acres of highly-populated turkey habitat, yielding nearly a 100% success rate.
For more information, visite their site.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Team Employment

LogicMaze is thrilled to bring you the website of Team Employment! Live today!

Team Employment offers services to both employers and job seekers. With offices in Hutchinson, Newton, McPherson, Salina, and Wichita there is an office that is close enough to help you with your employment needs. Check out the site today!Josh Krannawitter Web Designer Awesome Web Design

Fireworks Display for my...

Logicmaze is very fortunate to have such interesting & fun clients. Customers ranging from Mineral Makeup Sales to Fireworks Displays to Infrared Thermal Imaging. It also serves as "Tamara's Shopping List" at times.

Ok, the last one seems a little weird, I know, but one of our clients, Rainbow Fireworks offers fireworks displays IN YOUR BACKYARD!! Can you imagine? Invite 3 or 4 couples over for a cookout and then when dark falls, surprise them with a fireworks show!!

"Tamara, I can't believe you have fireworks!", saidJyl.
"Oh, these old things? Why, we have fireworks all the time in our backyard." Responded Tamara (the host of the year).

No one would be able to have "just a cookout" anymore.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Turkey Hunting

Ashlenz Outfitters has already seen what a little bit of LogicMaze Search Engine Optimization can do. We have been working on the search engine results for any number of Deer Hunting searches and the results have been amazing. Just go to any of the search engines and search for Illinois Deer Hunting .

Well it's time to get serious about expanding the efforts. Ashlenz Outfitters also guides some incredible Turkey Hunting trips and they want us to help hunters who are looking for a place to go turkey hunting find them. We actually started about a month ago and as of right now they are number 10 on MSN for a search for "Turkey Hunting ", out of 6.1 million results, we will make get it higher.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress!

If your company is interested in being found at the top of the search engines contact LogicMaze here .