Thursday, August 31, 2006


Hunting, hunting, hunting: that's all that my uncle Tom ever talks about. Well, it's what I assume he would talk about, were he real.
I, personally, have never been hunting. Not out of lack of interest so much as lack of opportunity.
If I were to go hunting, I would want to do so somewhere ideal, like Pike County, Illinois where Ashlenz Outfitters is located. They've got prime hunting grounds for deer and turkey.
If you actually do go hunting, it's the perfect place for you to go.

Assets & Insurance Management Group

The ever-growing, impressive LogicMaze portfolio grew one larger yesterday when we put the AIM site live.
AIM helps current and future retirees ensure a comfortable life, which is a big deal these days with Social Security issues and the average American's opportunities to retire with financial stability.
One of their most interesting options is the Reverse Mortgage, which allows retirees to turn their home's equity into cash for anything.
AIM is a full service financial company that also offers a number of insurance policies and is ultimately committed to helping their customers avoid financial hardships.

Our little web design company is growing!!!

Ok, Ok, Ok

I haven't blogged in a while and I am the guy who is on everyone else's ass about blogging all the time. SORRY!!

So we have made a few changes here at LogicMaze, we added Mitchell, which is going great! We have expanded our marketing/advertising offerings for our clients and we are currently planning the best course of action to get a Foosball table in the basement.

Mitchell has been doing a good job ramrodding the marketing efforts and assisting with traffic control and project management.

Ant has started to completely take over our website maintenance department and things are starting to flow pretty smooth.

All 3 of our project designers continue to kick out incredible web designs and keep adding more and more tricks to their tool box.

Josh is creating more and more great Flash driven sites as well as turning out great HTML work.

David is also cranking out great web work and dominating the world in the print design category.

And of course Tamara is just bossing us all around and yelling and screaming and ranting and raving, and designing a little too!!

And I play Hangman on my Google personalized home page. ( I'm waiting for the foosball table)



Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Flat Iron Meats - Because Everyone Likes a Gift of Good Food

Okay, so maybe it's because it's getting close to lunchtime, but I was looking over the assortment of products from Flat Iron Meats and was getting pretty hungry. That's one of the many advantages of doing website design for LogicMaze... you get paid to do things like that.

When I was growing up, every Friday night we had what we called a "snack supper". As an adult looking back, I realize that the biggest reason was that it was always a dinner that nobody had to cook (i.e. my mom - and who could blame her). But I remember what a treat that was for my brother and I and how cool we thought it was. It was usually Summer sausage, cheese, and crackers.

Now I admit I've only had the chance to try one of Flat Iron Meats products - their Beef Summer Sausage - and it was extremely good. But based on that I have to assume that their other selections are equally tasty. And while they have a fairly wide selection of beef products, there are some in particular that I am interested in trying.

Top on the list would be their Beef Summer Sausage with Jalapenos and Pepper Jack Cheese. I love spicy foods, and this just sounds like a great combination. Equally on the "snacky" side would be their All Beef Snack Sticks and their Old Fashioned Beef Jerky. Their All Beef Snack Sticks come in three different types - beef, beef jalapeno, and beef jalapeno cheese. Their Old Fashioned Beef Jerky is made from their same quality, source verified round cuts and comes in three different varieties - beef, hot beef, and jalapeno beef.

But of all of these products from Flat Iron Meats, what really tweaked my memory of the snack suppers we used to have were the Gift Boxes that include their great Summer sausage as well as Alma cheeses (which I've heard are very good). Maybe I'll have to pick up a Hearty Gift Box, a Spicy Gift Box, or a Combo Gift Box so my daughter and I can have our own snack suppers.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Trophy Whitetail Buck

Time is fast approaching for deer hunting. Ashlenz Outfitters in Pike County, Illinois give you the opportunity to hunt trophy buck in some awesome hunting country. Check out the site for rates and information if you are interested in hunting some big trophy buck.
This site has a huge photo gallery, showing some of the monster whitetail that have been caught with Ashlenz Outfitters.
Pike and Adams counties, where Ashlenz Outfitters is based, are two of the top hunting areas in the country, providing for a great opportunity to get some trophy whitetail.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Health Food Market of McPherson Kansas

Last but not least, here is a little about The Health Food Market.

Located in the heart of Downtown McPherson, Kansas, is The Health Food Market. The Health Food Market is a healthy alternative, naturally. The quaint shop features supplements, health & beauty aids, health food products, bulk food bins, books, and music.

When walking down the aisles of The Health Food Market, you will find their passion is bringing you the highest quality and best variety of natural and organic products available. The Health Food Market works to build a personal relationship with each of their customers to benefit an individual's health care needs. The team is dedicated to helping you find accurate and informative answers to your health concerns. With their knowledge and the right resources they can help you make the right choices.

The Health Food Market specializes in a healthier YOU by promoting a wholesome, organic, and safe way of life. The Health Food Market is actively involved in the community with the hosting of informative and educational Health Seminars on various topics. The Health Food Market also brings in national and local guest speakers.

Bring your friends with you to The Health Food Market for a fun, educational, and unique shopping experience. The Health Food Market of McPherson, Kansas is your "total health connection".

Body & Soul of McPherson, Kansas

Onto Body & Soul, the Christian lifestyle store.

Located in beautiful Downtown McPherson, Kansas is Body & Soul Christian Lifestyle Store. Body & Soul is a Christian Book Store that features a large selection of Christian books, Bibles, music, church supplies, home school curriculum, art, children's items, gifts, videos/dvd's, and apparel.

Body & Soul is committed to bringing you the inspirational resources and tools you need to "keep the faith". Their business is to help you continue to grow and share hope and "the gift" with others. The staff is working hard for you. Body & Soul is constantly learning about new and exciting products to offer you. Body & Soul also hosts national authors in our store from time to time as well as host and support the local artists and authors.

Body & Soul is definitely a family shopping experience and a great place to just "hang out". With over 7,000 sq. the store offers you a wide variety and the quality products you deserve.

Body & Soul is a Christian Lifestyle Store, "with a little bit of everything for your body & soul."

The Hearth Room of McPherson Kansas

Now to tell you a little about The Hearth Room.

Located inside The Button Hole in downtown McPherson, Kansas, The Hearth Room will warm your heart with delicious beverages, homemade goodies, and pleasant conversation.

The Hearth Room offers a delightfully cozy atmosphere to sit and relax while shopping at any of our three great shops. The Hearth Room wants you to feel right at home drinking a cup of your favorite coffee or drink of choice with family and friends by the fireplace. Add a fresh piece of pie, or homemade goodie and you will be filled to the brim. On occasion The Hearth Room will feature live music for your enjoyment, so check The News & Events often to see what's brewing at The Hearth Room.

The Hearth Room is a friendly place to meet new faces and old friends, and the best part is you're invited! Stop in and for a game of chess, a hand of cards, or just a relaxing break from shopping. You can even access the internet! After all, it is all for "the love of coffee". You can also view the Hearth Room Menu.

The Button Hole of McPherson Kansas

I know that we launched this website a little while back, but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to get on here and tell you all about it. So now I'm going to take the opportunity to tell you a little about The Button Hole and it's family of other shops. First: The Button Hole.

Located in beautiful downtown McPherson, Kansas, The Button Hole has become one of the largest independently owned fabric stores and quilt shops in the United States. With over 75 years of combined quilting experience, The Button Hole specializes in making you the quilter you always knew you could be!

The Button Hole has over 12,000 bolts of quilting and novelty fabrics from all major manufacturers including RJR (Thimbleberries), South Seas, Moda, Hoffman, In The Beginning, Clothworks, Maywood, P&B, and Marcus Brothers. The Button Hole also carries a full line of quilting supplies and hundreds of sewing notions as well as books & patterns. The Button Hole offers both beginner and advanced sewing classes and are proud to sell and service Pfaff sewing machines.

In addition to sewing and quilting products, The Button Hole carries Vera Bradley bags, Brighton Jewelry, Crabtree and Evelyn products, and a great selection of gift items. Stop by The Button Hole today, or visit the online store.

American Packaging

Now that I am back in the swing of things, let me tell you a little about American Packaging.
Any packaging company can build a box, but American Packaging builds packaging solutions through innovative design. Whether you need a protective shipping container or a custom-printed carton to boost your retail sales, American Packaging Corporation can provide a solution when you need it and at a price to fit your budget.

When your shipping needs do not require a custom size or design, American Packaging has a number of stock boxes to choose from. American Packaging also carries a line of shipping supplies including labels, packing tape, and more.

American Packaging also carries quality EPS/polystyrene, polyethylene and polypropylene products, as well as folding cartons and chipboard packaging. Also look for pads, partitions, and dividers from American Packaging.

Check out the site today, and feel free to contact American Packaging.

Events and Weddings with Rainbow Fireworks

Got a wedding coming up? A birthday party? A company picnic? A BBQ?
What ever it is, Rainbow Fireworks can provide a great, professional show for you. For 19 years, they have been working in Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado and Missouri supplying quality shows and fireworks for 4th of July parties and special events of all sorts. Whether it's in the city or clear out in the middle of nowhere, they can obtain legal permits to do a show and even license a local person to do the show and supply the fireworks.
They are open to all sorts of ideas, the applications of fireworks to make an occasion even more special are often overlooked.
Contact Rainbow Fireworks to add some color to your event.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Data Storage

Data StorageOk, time for me to talk about Underground Vaults & Storage again. You know. UVS. The salt mine that doubles as the coolest place in Kansas. The place to put anything you want to survive time and the elements.

I was thinking though, that it could be so much more. In addition to storing documents, films, insurance records, etc, they could store some jerky from Flat Iron Meats. If you think about it for a second you will see my logic.

JerkyFlat Iron Meats makes some terrific jerky. What do you suppose it takes (besides great Kansas beef) to make the jerky? That's right...Salt. There is enough salt down there to preserve all the beef jerky you can imagine.

Now picture this. WWIII. Nuclear holocaust. You barely survive. Are you worried about your insurance documents or a classic film (I know that businesses and many organizations would be and for the record those would be safe)? You personally? I bet not. You're hungry. Chances are you are even hungry for some terrific jerky.

At some point we need to seriously consider my plan, but in the meantime I'm satisfied that worked on two different projects at the same time. For good measure, here are some other important terms to associate with UVS:

Data Storage
Government records storage
Insurance Records Storage
Disaster Recovery
Medical Records Storage
Film and Sound Archiving
Museum artifacts storage
Oil and Gas Records storage
Seismic Data Storage
Private vaults
Media vaults
Refrigerated storage
Healthcare records storage
Movie film storage
microfilm storage
data tape storage
records management
government documents storage
data tape rotation
louisville Storage
Hutchinson Kansas Storage
wichita kansas storage
topeka kansas storage
oklahoma city storage
Kansas city storage
Storage Boxes

That's it for now! Contact LogicMaze of Hutchinson, Kansas if you need a website or if you need your website to be #1 in the search results. Do not contact LogicMaze in regards to creating an underground storage of beef jerky.

Irish Creek Outfitters

LogicMaze has just put the Irish Creek Outfitters site online!
Irish Creek Outfitters offers hunting in South Central Kansas on over 5000 acres of prime hunting ground. They also offer lodging. Be sure to check out the site if you are intersted in hunting deer, turkey or other birds.
For rates, you can fill out the form on the contacts page.


That’s right, jerky! As in beef jerky. The kinda jerky that just thinking about it makes you wish you had a piece or two right there with you. I can imagine the taste of that jerky as I take a bite. The rough texture and perfect taste are a great combination. Can you tell I'm on a diet yet? So I guess that makes me a hypocrite now, because I am going to tell you how great kansas beef is, but I am probably not going to eat any myself. But I will let you know that part of me wishes I was you.

When I hear words like the following, it makes me wish I could just get this crazy diet thing out of my head:
ground beef
all natural ground beef

beef snacks

all natural beef snacks

beef sticks

all natural beef sticks

all natural jerky

kansas beef

And here are a few words that don't exactly make me salivate, but are important to remember when choosing your beef products:

hormone free meat gift boxes
hormone free ground beef
hormone free beef snacks
hormone free beef sticks
growth hormones
identity preservedsource verified
hormone free jerky

I could go on and on about Flat Iron Meats, but not without breaking my will to stay on this diet. So do me a favor and just visit the site. Maybe even buy some jerky and eat a piece for me! At the very least visit LogicMaze WebDesigns of Hutchinson, Kansas. Our websites are 100% hormone free and made only with the best ingredients.

Jeeps and Stuff

Looking for jeep accessories? Jeeps and Stuff is the place to go! They've got a gi-normous (that's right, gi-normous) selection. They go the full spectrum from jeep tops to winches to tire covers.

Hey! Just for the heck of it, why don't I just include the rest of the keyword matrix just to cover all of the bases! Yes let's do.

Warn winch
jeep wrangler accessories
jeep liberty accessories
jeep soft tops
jeep bumpers
jeep doors
jeep wrangler doors
jeep windows
jeep seats
jeep seat cover
jeep bikini top
jeep hardtop
jeep hard top
Jeep Mirror

Peterson Predictive Maintenance

What does Peterson Predictive Maintenance do?
Just that: predictive maintenance. They save companies a truck load of money by using ultrasound and infrared technologies to predict potential failures in machinery before they become failures.
Through applications of predictive maintenance technology, they can find tiny leaks in valves that, over time, could cost a lot of money in loss. Another use is to allow companies to perform maintenance that would normally be routinely done to all machines only to the ones that need it.
Predictive maintenance is a prudent choice for any business that is dependant on large machinery. It's either that or shut down when a failure happens and wait for the necessary repairs to be made.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Button Hole Press Release

LogicMaze has submitted a press release on PRWeb for the Button Hole. Be sure to take a look here. Our marketing efforts for many companies have included submitting press realeases like the one for the Button Hole. These press releases are a great way to increase the reach of a site. Check the LogicMaze news on the main page for news about other press releases and other new design and marketing info.

Beef Jerky is Awesome

Flat Iron Meats made their first online sale over the weekend! The sold beef jerky, making it the top seller(1 out of 1).
Hurray for beef jerky!
When I think about beef jerky, I'm reminded of the movie The River Wild. . .er. . .no I'm not, that's whitewater rafting. Beef jerky reminds me of. . .I guess it just reminds me of beef jerky. I like it, though.
This isn't some of that lousy professional-wrestler-pushed beef jerky, either. This is made from quality beef at Flat Iron Meats with no growth hormones added, source verified and identity preserved. It's definitely worth trying.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The River Tame

Contrary to what my fantastic Paint-altered image might suggest, I actually did not go on the rafting trip with Cody and Tamara (in fact, I didn't even work here at the time). However, in accordance with the suggestion of the graphic, I would end up in the water - even in tame waters. I have safety issues in the bath tub.
All the same, I am to blog about Idaho Afloat.
When I think about whitewater rafting, I am reminded of the movie The River Wild, from which I have made many, many Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon connections (Meryl Streep is a goldmine!). For those of you not familiar with the Six Degrees game, please disregard that last bit.
I was looking at the Idaho Afloat site prior to writing this blog, and I kind of wish that I had the financial means to do that sort of thing. It does seem like fun, despite my sarcastic comments. Plus, from what I understand, there's some good fishing around there, and I enjoy some fishing, even though I'm no good at it.
Be sure to check out Idaho Afloat next time that you're planning a trip. It sure beats the Cheese Museum.

Friday, August 18, 2006

American Packaging Corp.

The American Packaging Corp. site is new and improved! One of the first sites from LogicMaze, it now includes many new features and some cool Flash.
If I were a company with stuff to ship, I would definitely use American Packaging Corp. for my packaging needs.
In fact, some of their products look so nice, I was thinking that it would actually be cheaper if I were to just pay them for a large enough box to fit me and some supplies. The postage for a package that size would definitely be cheaper than the actual cost of a flight to the Cancun, right?
It's so crazy it just might work.
But I digress.
New to the site is an interactive map of Kansas on the Contact Us page that tells who the sales rep is for each county. It's pretty cool.
Anyway, I suggest taking a look at the site. I'll be sure to send a postcard from Cancun.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another great Whitewater rafting trip

We have been back about 2 weeks now from our second annual trip to Idaho to go Whitewater rafting with Idaho Afloat. The pic above is Kris from Zenor Electric and yes he actually talked the pilot into letting him sit in the cockpit of the 737 (or whatever type of plane it was) while we had a layover in Denver. The trip was tremendous, we had great guides, our boat caught 107 smallmouth bass and had a blast riding the whitewater. Not to mention the weight we all gained from the incredible meals they serve. This is seriously the best outdoor vacation you will ever take! I will post more rafting pictures later!!


Flat Iron Meats - Source Verified Beef

There is nothing like designing a site about food to make a website designer hungry. After finding and cropping over 30 photos of Filet Steak, KC Strip Steak, Ribeye Steak, Arm Roast, Chuck Roast, Minute Steak, Round Steak, Ground Beef, Summer Sausage & Beef Snack Sticks - I had worked up quite an appetite.

The folks over at Flat Iron Meats happen to be fun, hardworking people who happen to enjoy steaks & good beef as much as I do. We are excited to be able to market their product for them, as we truly do believe in their product and their business.

Truth be told... I probably would have accepted payment from them in the form of a few Flat Iron Meat Ribeye Steaks & their Beef Summer Sausage with Jalapenos and Pepper Jack Cheese. It's quite possibly the Best Summer Sausage ever. Go ahead. Try it.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Healthy, Rejuvinated Skin

You know, a little known -and false- secret about me is that I wear makeup. If I did, though, I imagine that it would come from Carol's Skin Essentials.
They carry a large line of mineral makeups from foundation to eyeshadow. All items are available for sale online.
At major risk of sounding like a sissy, Carol's Skin Essentials carries an impressive inventory of natural cosmetics which are natural and healthier for skin than cosmetics made from chemicals. Were anybody desperate enough to ask me for a recommendation in that department, it's an easy call where I would send them,Carol's Skin Essentials.
Something to look forward to:
We are currently working on a keyword matrix for Carol's Skin Essentials, which I will most likely post on a later blog.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dungeon Master Mitchell Speaks of Fireworks!!!!

From my crypt of productivity at LogicMaze, I have sent around 50 emails to event and wedding planners about Rainbow Fireworks in an attempt to broaden their customer base. My life revolves around ctrl+c, ctrl+v. The Office Clipboard is my best friend. It tucks me in at night and tells me everything is ok.
The marketing battle for Rainbow Fireworks is officially raging full-force. We have also submitted press releases for them regarding both events and weddings.
I am interested to see how this will impact the visits to the site. I anticipate a major increase. It's something to look forward to.

Monday, August 14, 2006

I Blogged About Jeeps and Stuff!

I really don't have much to say right now about Jeeps and Stuff. It's on Cody's and my to-do-list to go over marketing strategies and work on optimizing pages. However, I have to do two blogs this month on Jeeps and Stuff, so I figure that I'll make up for this lame one with a meaningful one later.
I've looked at the site, and I have to say that they seem to carry about anything and everything that I could ever imagine putting on a Jeep, if I had the financial means. . .or a Jeep. Never the less, Jeeps and Stuff impressed me with the number of brands that they carried.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Excitement with Flat Iron Meats

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to try some of Flat Iron Meats fantastic summer sausage. I must say that I was impressed. My newfound firsthand knowledge of the quality of product from Flat Iron Meats only adds to my interest in this company as a client at LogicMaze. My other major interests are all listed below in David's awesome blog. I'd hate to be redundant or steal his material about the "identity preserved and source verified" routine. (Although I will steal his links.)
Anyway, here is a keyword list for Flat Iron Meats that we are working with, just in case you were interested.

summer sausage
all natural summer sausage
hormone free summer sausage
all natural beef
hormone free beef
meat gift boxes
all natural meat gift boxes
hormone free meat gift boxes
ground beef
all natural ground beef
hormone free ground beef
beef snacks
all natural beef snacks
hormone free beef snacks
beef sticks
all natural beef sticks
hormone free beef sticks
growth hormones
identity preserved
source verified
all natural jerky
hormone free jerky
kansas beef

Flat Iron Meats - The Power of Technology at Your Dinner Table

Let it be said that I am not a big steak person myself. I enjoy a steak every now and again, but it isn't something I crave except on rare occasion. Add to that fact my concern over what happens when the mega-corporate mindset gets applied to every aspect of livestock management and we end up with things like mad cow disease. And lastly, take into account my own interests and geek-like attraction to technology. Roll them all together and you'll understand why I am interested in one of our more recent clients - Flat Iron Meats.

Here is a company that offers not only premium quality selections of beef, raised without growth hormones of any kind (a rarity these days), but also uses technology to be able to track the complete history of each and every cow - from birth to the table. Using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology - the people at Flat Iron Meats keep track of a huge quantity of information about every animal.

Flat Iron Meats works only with small to medium sized producers and feed lots that adhere to their extremely high standards. None of their animals are ever fed any animal by-products. They don't even come into contact with animals from feedlots or producers outside of their network. The most succinct phrase that can be used to describe this tracking process for their animals and meat is "identity preserved and source verified". Pretty hi-tech stuff, all the way around.

Based here in Hutchinson, KS, Flat Iron Meats ships their steaks, sausages, jerky, and other beef products all over the United States. LogicMaze is excited to be able to help present this company to the entire nation, and eventually the international community (look out, Japan!).
Whether with our website design or full-fledged marketing campaigns, LogicMaze looks forward to driving the business for Flat Iron Meats through the roof.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Events with Rainbow Fireworks

Just because the 4th of July was more than a month ago, doesn't mean that you can't see fireworks anymore!
Rainbow Fireworks offers a range of shows for special events, weddings and fund raisers. LogicMaze is working on marketing toward bringing in some of this business. Whether you need someone to shoot the show or just to provide the fireworks so that a local professional can do it, Rainbow Fireworks is the company to go to.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Flat Iron Meats Marketing Plans

We are aggressively marketing for Flat Iron Meats. They are a producer of all natural beef products. All of their products are identity preserved, source verified and growth hormone free. Consumers will be able to shop online for ground beef, meat gift boxes and jerky. Be sure to check out their site.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

PalsHanger update - New video at

Well, it has been a little while (here) since we've talked about our friends with Pals Products, Inc. and the website design that LogicMaze has done for them at Things are moving along nicely, and Pals Products is working on new ideas and revisions to existing products, but today I wanted to focus on our most recent addition to their website.

Of the six different types of products for the quilting industry or quilting enthusiast, the one garnering the most attention of late has been the PalsHanger. Here is a perfect example of a simple idea with an elegant solution - which makes you surprised that no one had come up with something like this before.

The PalsHanger is a modular hanging display bar that can be used to accomodate smaller pieces of quilting, or connected together to hang large, full-sized quilts. Made of light but strong aluminum, they can be hung any number of ways (from a wall, ceiling, etc.) and can even be adjusted to hold items with irregular or scalloped edges.

To clearly illustrate the simplicity and elegance of this product, LogicMaze shot a number of video sequences, took a number of product shots, and combined them to make a demo video. PalsProducts already had a demo video for their IronPals product (produced by another company some time ago), but we wanted to raise the bar a bit higher with this one - keeping in mind that it is being made specifically for their website.

So, please check out our PalsHanger demo video here - and continue to check back as we add more products, updates, and information to the website. This is what LogicMaze Web Design is about... building our success on that of our clients.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Greetings from the new guy!

Hello everyone reading this,
My name is Mitchell Hargrave. I am new to Logic Maze, here to tackle the job title of Assistant Project Manager. This is a great opportunity for me, and I am extremely excited to join such a flourishing company and help in it's potential growth.
I hope to help ease the burden on Cody and Tamara and help them streamline the workings of Logic Maze so that it can explode into a corporate giant one of these days. I look forward to working with clients with the company and assisting other businesses to prosper with marketing.