Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What is
In the depths of the internet, in all of it's splendor, there lurks a website:
A robot, standing arrogantly atop planet Earth, grins at respective viewers from the screen as though he has the world at his robotic fingertips - or pincers - or whatever.
Below the logo are the words "Coming Soon!" and below that "Another Online Travel Company!"
This place holder page raises more question to the average person than anything else.
Will this be the answer to all of your travel troubles?
We shall see when the site itself is actually produced.

Monday, September 25, 2006

First National Travel

Maybe I should blog about this twice, like David did his last one.

Anyway, the First National Travel pay per call campaign seems to be working. To date, the ads have brough 14 calls - not bad.
I'm considering running a pay per call ad to get people to call me and be my friend, since David thinks he too cool to go to bingo with me and pick up chicks anymore.
Back to First National Travel:
We are running 5 ads - Travel Agent, Group Travel, Corporate Travel, Cruises, and Carribean Travel. The latter two are probably the most comptetitive of the five. The Carribean Travel campaign has taken some doing to even get to display, but I think I've finally got it.
If any of you loyal blog reader is interested in traveling, I strongly recommend First National Travel, as opposed to one of those dime a dozen e-travel agencies. Unless you are a professional travel agent, it's hard to see any reason why you should be expected to coordinate your own vacation. What if you make an error? Will you know what to do to remedy the situation? Would you even have the resources?
Not likely.
What if you were to book a vacation to Paris, France and ended up, instead, booking a flight to Paris, Texas? Who would catch your error?
Kinda scary isn't it. . .Texas. . .

Friday, September 22, 2006

Idaho Afloat - Get Off Your Rumpus and Get In The Water

You won't believe this, but I had just finished typing out a masterful blog all about Idaho Afloat... when disaster struck.

I had outlined all the different types of professional whitewater rafting trips that Idaho Afloat has available, I had gone into great detail about how they are a family owned business run since 1982 with a sense of pride and commitment in everything they do, and I had even provided links to rafting trip pictures showing how great a time other folks have had on their whitewater rafting trips - relaxing, being pampered, and enjoying their whitewater rafting vacations.

Then Ant walked in and offered me a fried cheese stick, which, unbeknownst to me, was the cue for my PC to pee down it's leg and eat my files. So blame Ant, blame the inventor of the mighty fried cheese stick, blame my PC - but if you are somehow deprived of this wealth of information about whitewater rafting trips, don't blame me.

Or you could take a more proactive approach and visit the source for all whitewater rafting fun at

Jeep Accessories

Well, all my loyal blog reader (the absence of the 's' was deliberate) it's time, once again for me to blog about jeep accessories.
Because I've been instructed to, and I enjoy receiving a paycheck every two weeks.
As you can see, I've finally puchased a Jeep. No congratulations needed. As you can also see, I opted for the Jeep Wrangler. The ever-present danger of me getting it stuck in mud or flip it far outweighed my desire to drive over stuff. Earlier today, me 'n' my buddies, we's out muddin' and I swear, dude, I took that badboy over a 90 dergree incline - I drove straight up a wall.
It was pretty rad.
I'd be lying if I said that I didn't believe it would be a good thing to get some fresh blood in here talking about Jeeps and Stuff. That being said, here is a list of keywords:

jeep accessories
Warn winch
jeep wrangler accessories
jeep liberty accessories
jeep tops
jeep soft tops
jeep bumpers
jeep doors

You want more!?!

jeep wrangler doors
jeep windows
jeep seats
jeep seat cover
jeep bikini top
jeep hardtop
jeep hard top
Jeep Mirror
Tire Covers

whew! I'm glad I got that off of my chest.


What's cooler than fireworks? Aside from easy money and free things, not much. Well, of course, I'm cooler than fireworks, but that's not even fair to fireworks. It's kind of like saying peanut butter tastes better than rat poison - no real contest.
I digress.
In an age where most people derive most of their entertainment from the television, movies and internet (the latter of the three, being to the benefit of myself and my colleagues) we as a collective often forget about how cool it can be to go out and watch colorful explosions in the sky. Fireworks seem to have a way to make any event or occasion that much bigger. As a finale, fireworks can't be beat.
I remember more than a few occasions in which my friends and I took it upon ourselves to put on our very own "fireworks extravaganza." Somehow throwing black cats and shooting roman candles at one another just doesn't seem up to par with a professionally done fireworks display by a company like Rainbow Fireworks. There's definitely less likelihood of an ambulance ride in the near future.
"But Mitchell," that's my name, Mitchell.
"But Mitchell, I can't afford professional fireworks!" you might exclaim indignantly.
To this, I have one response: "Which is cheaper, a professional fireworks display or a prosthetic hand?"

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jeep Accessories

I love blogging about Jeep accessories. My favorite part is the salt-in-the-wound aspect of me not owning a vehicle at all.
Perhaps when I get one, though I will get a Jeep. If I do, I already know where to go to get all of my Jeep accessories: Jeeps and Stuff. I wouldn't even have to leave home to do that. I could just browse their impressive selection online.
I've always thought that the Jeep Wrangler was cool, but I would most likely do something stupid and end up losing it in a giant mud pit. Probably not a good idea.
I'd probably have to go for something a little more tame like a Cherokee or Liberty.
The truth of the matter is, that I would drive a Pinto right about now.

There ought to be a law...

Looks like an important document, doesn't it? Why wouldn't it? It's got a seal with some jazz about a "bureau" and all sorts of other jargon.
The truth is that this document and other documents like this are made to appear to be invoices to confuse people into paying for services that they aren't really sure whether they're already receiving or not. This is nothing more than a solicitation for a new service under the guise of an invoice. It has a deadline for payment, and mentions services that most business owners who pay for their website development and management aren't sure whether they are receiving or not.
It's a diabolical plot, that I personally believe should be illegal. There are many companies out there like this that send these things in the mail or, in this case, fax them.
We at LogicMaze have gotten more than a few questions from clients about this, wondering if this is something that we set up or that we should be taking care of.
I'm all for the free market and it's competitive spirit, but I believe that these sorts of practices cross unspoken boundaries of decency. To confuse people into sending you money for services that they are not receiving from you, is inexcusable.

Peterson Predictive Maintenance - Keynote Speaker at World Ultrasound Conference

Peterson Predictive Maintenance is a client of LogicMaze that we have blogged about on several occasions (see here, here, here, here, and here) - and with good reason.

Not only does Peterson Predictive Maintenance use cool, new technologies like infrared thermal imaging and ultrasound detection, but they are among the first to combine these technologies for the sake of predictive maintenance programs. Combine the fact that PPM uses these technologies for non-intrusive testing along with their wealth of experience and training and you have one formidable player in the predictive maintenance market.

When you consider all of those things, it should come as no surprise that Chuck Peterson, president and CEO of Peterson Predictive Maintenance, has been asked to offer a keynote speech at the Ultrasound World III "Top Gun" Conference to be held in Clearwater Beach, Florida in early November of this year. This event, sponsored by UE Systems, and the invitation to Chuck Peterson to speak at it, show just how far Peterson Predictive Maintenance has come and the kind of professional respect they receive.

So, if you happen to be in Clearwater Beach, Florida in early November - swing by and say hello to Chuck Peterson. And if you don't have that opportunity, then check out the Peterson Predictive Maintenance website at You will find a great deal of information about predictive maintenance, the technologies used for infrared thermal imaging and ultrasound detection, as well as the applications for these technologies. And don't forget to check out the Sample Gallery, which includes many real world photos and sound samples of how these technologies and experience have been put to use.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Whitewater Rafting

As my hastily-made Photoshop image might suggest, swimming is not exactly my specialty. I'm not horrible at it, but I'm not a pro either. This is one of the reasons that I have, regretfully, not ever gone whitewater rafting.
The other reason is that the opprotunity really has yet to present itself. If I do decide to go whitewater rafting, I will definitely go to Idaho Afloat for it.
Based on testimonial from my bosses as well as information from the Idaho Afloat site, I can tell that it is the best way to go.
Idaho Afloat have rafting experiences for six skill levels. I, of course, will jump straight up to Class VI: Extreme and Exploratory. I like to jump right into the thick of things.
Until a chance to go whitewater rafting presents itself, I suppose that I'll just stick to swimming at my Grandmother's house with my floaties on.

The Button Hole - New Quilting Kits Available

Now I've never been known as a big quilter. I've been called alot of things over the years, but that isn't one of them. But I know a big ol' quilt store when I see one, and can appreciate a well run business regardless of the market. The Button Hole in McPherson, Kansas fits the bill for both of those quite nicely.

With over 12,000 bolts of quilting fabric and novelty fabrics, they are one of the largest quilt stores in Kansas. They also offer a huge selection of sewing notions, sewing machines, and accessories. In addition, they have recently added quite a few new quilt kits to their online quilt shop. I've mentioned before how both the store and the quilting site would appeal to someone like my mother more than to myself. I'm too busy saving the world from guys like Mitchell to do much quilting at all. But here at LogicMaze we are very happy to have The Button Hole as a client, particularly when they are so passionate about their business and the different ways that good website design can benefit them. The next time my mother comes to town to visit, we'll have to make the short trip over to McPherson and visit their quilt shop.

I'll probably be hanging out in the Hearth Room, but my mom will have a blast.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

First National Travel

We have launched a pay per call account for First National Travel today. Fingers crossed: it should bring in some business.
First National Travel takes an approach to helping people plan their travel that you just don't see much anymore: personal. In a time when everybody goes online to plan all of their traveling with automated programs that can't assist beyond what they are programmed, First National Travel offers an alternative. The opprortunity to develope a relationship with your travel agent allows for a better opprotunity for your needs to be fulfilled. This pay per call campaign, should hopefully prove to drive more customers in that direction and away from the dime-a-dozen online travel companies.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jeep Accessories

Hey, Jeep lovers! Looking for accessories for your Jeep? Jeeps and Stuff has a jeep-load (get it? instead of truck or boat-load?) of items for your Wrangler, Liberty or Cherokee.
My aunt Jerry has a Jeep Liberty and she found that Jeeps and Stuff has an impressive selection of Jeep Liberty accessories. She now had all of the works on her Jeep, making her the envy of her neighborhood.

I know that there are a lot of Jeep enthusiasts out there that like to put everything they can on their Jeep, and to them I strongly suggest a visit to Jeeps and Stuff. Their Jeep Wrangler accessory selection is enormous from Bestop windows to Mickey Thompson tires - everything you need for the perfect offroad machine.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Button Hole

New at The Button Hole website: gift certificates.
These gift certificates are available online in intervals of $25 dollars up to $100.
Visit their site to purchase a gift certificate for your quilting-est friend today!
They also have a selection of quilting kits all available for online purchase.
I think I'm going to have to get a gift certificate or two for my Great Aunt Tulip, who thoroughly enjoys quilting, when she's not bareback rhinoceros riding.
Another thing to which we can all look forward is new items that will be coming up on the online shopping section of the Button Hole site.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Predictive Maintenance

Why I remember when I was just knee-high to Gary Coleman. My Pappy used to take me down to Crackleberry Crick, and we'd fish for catfish as big as Sam Elliot's moustache. After that, we'd do a little whitewater rafting. . .on. . .the creek. . . Then we'd take the ol' muskets and hunt for us some big trophy buck.
I'll actually spare everyone the rest of this particular false story (although it gets fairly interesting).
I would like do discuss predictive maintenance, though. All fake fables aside, many companies blow large amounts of money on routine maintenance to everything when they could use the technology at Petersons Predictive Maintenance to detect what actually needs to be fixed. Predictive Maintenance involves using infrared and ultrasonic technologies to detect problems with large machinery before it becomes a major problem, which can save in repairs and product loss.
My fake Uncle Tom has Petersons Predictive Maintenance come down and make sure that all of his large machinery is in working order down at the. . .staple. . .factory. Why don't you?

Ashlenz Outfitters - Big Trophy Whitetail Deer

Despite the fact that it is apparently popular at LogicMaze to make up people and stories regarding hunting and deer, some of us buck that system (ha-ha, get it...) by telling a real story about a real person. You should still check out some of our other posts about Ashlenz Outfitters though... located here, here, here, here, here, and here.

On my mother's side, the Murrah family, we have a lot of folks there in Illinois. My mother grew up largely in Herrin, Illinois - but her father, my grandfather, Charles "Lucky" Murrah, would travel a good clip if it meant a good chance to go hunting. Mostly farmers and coal miners, the Murrah side of the family has always been big on hunting - particularly whitetail deer.

I never got the chance to go hunting with my grandfather, but he had a lifetime of hunting experience passed down from his father and had bagged a number of big trophy buck in his day. He had his favorite locations for hunting trophy whitetail, and I know he had specifically mentioned Pike County and Adams County.

All of this seems even more interesting after I realized that one of our clients, Ashlenz Outfitters, operates out of Illinois and offers both deer hunting and turkey hunting trips. Catering to the rifle, gun, and bow hunter - Ashlenz Outfitters conducts their hunts on what is primarily whitetail habitat over 7,000 acres. Keeping a strict rotation of their hunting grounds, Ashlenz Outfitters is careful to hunt these properties with minimal pressure to preserve these deer habitats year after year.

So if you're considering a hunt of your own and looking for a big trophy whitetail deer, you should definitely contact Ashlenz Outfitters. You should also check out their testimonials page and see what other people are saying. LogicMaze is proud to work with clients like Ashlenz Outfitters who are so committed to the quality of the service they provide.