Friday, June 04, 2010

I'm Kiley. A.K.A. - The New Girl

­­Hello, hello! I’m Kiley Loesch and I’ll be taking over for Doug here at Logic Maze while throwing in some design work as well. Here’s a little about me:
Born and raised in Lyons, Kansas I thought I would pack my bags and head east after I graduated high school. My extreme destination towards the east coast lasted a good thirty miles, landing me in McPherson…where I then ended up staying all four years for college. So, as I was on my last semester before graduating I decided I wanted to officially make my big move and "get out of here." This time I decided to head south. Ironically, I made it thirty miles once again. Found Logicmaze. And…couldn’t be more grateful! Within the last three days of work I have met some of the wittiest, most down to earth people and I LOVE it. I can tell this workplace is going to turn into a second little family for me, with my own family only thirty minutes away. What more could I ask for?!? Like I said, I love it and I’m excited to be working for a company that only continues to progress and has such an amazing group of employees!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

KC's Home Remodeling

K C's Home Remodeling is a home contractor in the Hutchinson area. We created a website that lists their wide variety of services that they can do stay within any persons budget for remodeling their home. We also created a gallery to showcase some of the projects they have worked on, using before and after photos.

K C’s Home Remodeling offers comprehensive services that are specifically designed to cater to your particular remodeling requirements. Every project is different. That’s why their craftsmen are versatile and flexible, able to apply their talents to meet the needs of their diverse clientele and varied project assignments. Whether you have a specific project in mind or are still in the brainstorming phase, give us a call and let our knowledge and expertise take over. Their Services can be tailored to meet your particular goals, and our rates are designed to accommodate any budget. (K C’s Home Remodeling)