Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Run for the Run for the Rocks Web Site (I think that's how I meant to say it)

We're happy to announce the launch of yet ANOTHER site this month:

Salt City Run for the Rocks is a half marathon set to happen on September 25th in Hutchinson. It will largely follow the Martinez trail through Carey Park, then ultimately ending at Hutch Community College. A map of the course can be found right here.

The event comes compliments of Hutch Rec and the Boys and Girls Club of Hutchinson. Hey, we did both of those sites, too!

The site allows those interested to sign up to run or volunteer to help you. It also has a back-end to allow the client to update information as necessary, so check back a lot!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Heart of SoMa

This upcoming Thursday our very own Downtown Hutchinson is hosting another monthly get together for Third Thursday. While walking the streets of South Main one can indulge themselves in Art and Live Music throughout the stores, streets and Galleries. Enjoy the shops that welcome guests until late hours of the night and meet new people that come from all over the country to exhibit their art, play their music and get a little downtown feel of what Hutchinson, Kansas is all about!

Remember to mark the third Thursday of every month in your calendars. Come rain, snow, or 100 degrees of weather, we'll be out embracing our very own little culture!

See the site for a preview of what Third Thursday has to offer:

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Are You a PowerUp?

According to the new PowerUps site we recently launched, PowerUps are 21-39 year olds who are rural by choice. They are the future of the rural community, and they're using new technology to discuss and plan for the future.

The PowerUps site is our first real foray into building a social media site of sorts. In the site, you can sign up for an account, post blogs, share photos and post events. This means we had to build a front-end that is just as dynamic and comprehensive as the back-end, both of which allow for the addition of content to the site.

We're as proud of the site as we are of its mission and the purpose it serves.

Another bonus of the site: we got to work with the Kansas Sampler ladies again, and LogicMaze hearts the Sampler.