Friday, June 30, 2006

Rainbow Fireworks - Showalter Fireworks Keeping Hutchinson Happy for the 4th

Let me start by saying that I have always enjoyed the 4th of July holiday. I do appreciate the true meaning behind our Independence Day and all of those who have worked and sacrificed to create the nation in which we live. I am grateful. And I do take time to reflect on that, and share those reflections with my daughter. And then we blow stuff up!

So in that family tradition of enjoying things that go boom and crackle and throw off sparks (I could be talking about one of the cars I drove in college) it was a kick to help out with promotional materials for one of LogicMaze's clients - Rainbow Fireworks. Now, to clarify, Rainbow Fireworks is a classy outfit that can put on a custom fireworks display of almost any size (from backyard-birthday to holy-crap-it's-the-SuperBowl!). Rainbow Fireworks has a retail side as well, and that is Showalter Fireworks - with six different locations around this area (check here for locations and maps).

LogicMaze is certainly doing web design for Rainbow Fireworks, but we have also created a number of promotional items for them in print advertising. That's because LogicMaze is a full-service ad agency as well as an awesome website design company. So, newspaper ads, flyers, and coupons... all tied into their web presence and their online marketing - this is what we love to do.

Apart from blow stuff up, that is.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ashlenz Outfitters

Well, it has been about a month since my first day working for LogicMaze and I have to say in that month I have learned far more about the workings of web design then I probably learned taking the basic web designing classes in high school. Using this "hands on" approach working with real companies has been a real impact on my knowledge of the web designing industry.
Currently, among the other projects that have come my way, I have been working on updates for Ashlenz Outfitters. Their present website contains information about the hunting grounds with many different terrains along with dates pertaining to times when hunters are able to go to their vast hunting area which covers over 7,000 acres of land. The website also includes 3 different image galleries like, trophy pictures, trail cam photos, as well as pictures of the terrain taken from either aerial or ground views. In there updated website, you can find information concerning the 2007 rates and dates for hunting. Also, in the hunting image galleries their have been more pages added with more pictures. Overall, this site is very useful not just by giving information about the huge grounds that this hunting outfitter contains but it also goes one step further by presenting one a piece of what it has to offer with its image gallery.

Cottonwood Hills - Gearing up for the U.S. Senior Open and logo work

Hutchinson, KS is buzzing again - and this time it's over golf... big time golf.

If you follow the golf scene at all, then you've known for the longest time that the U.S. Senior Open is being held right here in Hutchinson. When I first moved here over 6 years ago, I never would have guessed that our little city was so large in the golf world - but once again here's the proof.

One of the larger sponsors for the U.S. Senior Open is our very own Cottonwood Hills - a Kansas golf course and community just outside of Hutchinson that has been designed with the help of PGA Master Nick Faldo and Faldo Design. Imagine building your own town, complete with shops and amenities, planning every detail, and then planning it in part around a world class golf course. That would be the auspicious undertaking that is Cottonwood Hills.

And as Cottonwood Hills is hip deep in promoting the U.S. Senior Open, they had a need to make some slight revisions to their logo (mostly cleanup work) and a number of different variations depending on how it was to be used. Cottonwood Hills also needed to make these logos, and other U.S. Senior Open promotional material, readily accessible to a number of different parties. So, LogicMaze stepped up to complete the logo work and create a logo gallery to ease the distribution process.

Now this is hardly the fanciest bit of coding that LogicMaze has done, but it does serve as a fair example of our company's dedication to service - making sure the client's needs are fulfilled (which in turn helps us in the long run). As LogicMaze continues to grow and evolve in web design, print design, and other marketing avenues, the list of resources and solutions that we can offer our clients will grow as well.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Free fireworks coupon

Showalter fireworks is now offering a printable coupon for free fireworks on their website!! Check it out here and tell all your friends!!!


Senior Open Golf Tournament in Hutchinson Kansas.

The U.S. Senior open is coming to Hutchinson Kansas next week and considering it is also the week of the 4th of July and the fact that LogicMaze client Cottonwood Hills is opening it's incredible Kansas Golf Course to the public, it might just be an exciting week here in our little town.
Suppossedly 100,000 plus people will attend the golf tournament at Prairie Dunes and most likely 8 or 10 folks will manage to do something incredibly brilliant with fireworks so stay tuned to your local news channels for all the exciting coverage.
Here's a picture of a package of fireworks that Showalter fireworks offers and it is completely freaking amazing to me that you can buy something that big and then blow it up!!!!


Peterson Predictive Maintenance - Infrared Imaging & Ultrasound - Site Development Update

Well, I realize it's been awhile since I've posted a blog entry. And that's not very fair to all my loyal fans (to all of those who are registered members of the fan club, you will be receiving a complimentary keychain as my way of saying thanks to my peeps). But I'm back, and plan on making my entries much more regular.

Stretching my wings as website designer a little more each day, I am continuing work on the site revision for Peterson Predictive Maintenance. You may recall that this is the business I blogged about earlier that incorporates infrared and ultrasound technology for a wide range of industrial tasks, largely oriented toward finding problems just as they begin to manifest (i.e. predictive maintenance).

Chuck Peterson is the head of the operation and brings to the table a wealth of experience in a variety of related fields, plus a creative mindset that enables him to find new uses for their technology.

As part of the redesign, LogicMaze is reorganizing the content and making room for some new additions as well. I will post again when I have hit another significant milestone, so check back here for further information. When it is finished and launched, you should check it out - especially the "eye candy" part of the site, the Sample Gallery. Hoo boy!

Fireworks in Hutchinson Kansas

Holy crap the fireworks stands in Hutchinson Kansas are popping up everywhere. You can't hardly drive down any major street without seeing tents all over the side of the road. Showalter fireworks is a long time customer of LogicMaze's (under the name of their parent company, Rainbow Fireworks) we would love to see you support them if possible. Click here for a list of all their locations. They have been in business for 19 years and have the buying power to guarantee you great pricing. Have a great time and try to not to blow your pinky finger off!
(Photo is Showalter Fireworks original stand 6.5 miles North of 30th and Plum in Hutchinson, Ks.)


Monday, June 26, 2006

Job Opening

****** Update 7-10-07**** The job listed below is no longer available but we do have another opening, click here.

LogicMaze Webdesigns has the following job opening:

Project Manager/Traffic Controller -
Applicant must have excellent people skills.
Must have desire to work in a fast-paced environment with a rapidly growing company.
Must have more than basic understanding of simple-to-moderately advanced office computer skills.
Must be excellent multi-tasker.
Job is located in Hutchinson, Ks.
Salary- depending on experience/skills.
Monthly Bonus Plan.
Will require more than 40 hours some weeks, but very flexible most of the time.
This is an excellent oppurtunity to start a career with a company that is going to reward you as hard as they push you.

Send resume to

click on the little envelope icon below and to the right to send this to a friend or,

or contact us here.



Friday, June 16, 2006

Jeep Accessories

Ok here is a quick summary of Jeepsandstuff progress. This site has non-stop increased traffic and sales ever since LogicMaze began Search Engine Optimization on it.

1. Jeep accessories - This is a monster keyword and we are number one on MSN
2. Warn Winch - Another huge keyword, check it out for yourself. MSN
3. Winches - I'm stalling on this one.
4. Bestop- Here we go. MSN #3
5. Jeep liberty accessories - Top ten on MSN and Google and #12 on Yahoo. 739,000 results on Yahoo.
6. Jeep wrangler accessories - Top 20 on Google and Yahoo and #1 on MSN, yep, #1 out of 566,480 results.
7. Jeep Tops - Dropped a little on this one but still high enough on all 3 search engines to produce visits. Gotta sell those jeep bikinis!
8. Jeep soft tops - Again a big time phrase for this time of year, we get alot of people to the site from this search and it's different variations.
9. Jeep Bumpers - To 20 on Google and Yahoo, big ticket key phrase.
10. Jeep Doors - #5 on MSN. LogicMaze has taken to the point of honestly dominating the search engines throughout the entire world for jeep doors.
11. Jeep Windows - #1 on MSN, #2 on Yahoo and #9 onGoogle WOW!!!
12. Jeep Wrangler Doors - Dropped to #2 out of 282,213 results but we jumped up 41 places on Yahoo.
13. Jeep Seats - Dropped to #2 on MSN but jumped 21 places on Google.
14. Jeep seat cover - Still working on getting all the focus to the right page on this one we want people to be as close to check out as possible and right now we have 2 pages showing up in the results for this search.
15. jeep bikini top - #5 on Google and #2 on MSN and way up from last update #15 onYahoo, Yahoo is really coming on strong and looks to be the next big boost of visitors to
16. Jeep hardtop - Again this we probably not get a fair share of our attention over the next couple of months. You have to understand that if you want to dominate the search engones, your search engine optimization has to be an ongoing plan and to stay within a set budget certain business practices have to be factored in. This keyword is going to be big priority at the end of the summer.
17. Jeep hard top - See # 16
18. Warn- This is another one that we have had to stall while we fought hard to get in, guess what #21 on MSN out of 5.5 million results, look out!
19. Tire Covers - Still working, kinda stalling?
20. Jeep mirror - Top Ten on Google, #1 on MSN and #21 on Yahoo, domination!!!!
What if your company was number one in the world for the search terms that people are



Ok here's the story, well just do this:
1. Read this post - Makeup
2. Then Read this post - Makeup
3. Then go to MSN and search for makeup

It's working!! Search Engine Optimization works. Contact Logicmaze here.


Another Rafting picture

Ok I couldn't resist, I got started thinking about whitewater rafting and had to post another picture. This could be you.... Check out Idaho Afloat.

If you want to talk to someone about rafting with Idaho Afloat, go to LogicMaze's website here and send us an email, we would be glad to tell you all about our trip.

I am gonna try and regain focus and get back to blogging about things that pertain to this business!!!!


Newton Kansas Websites

LogicMaze is proud to have released 2 websites in the past couple of weeks for very prominent businesses in Newton Kansas. Newton is just 30 miles or so from our headquarters in Hutchinson Kansas. Conrade Insurance is a very big Independent Insurance agent in Newton and Millennium Machine and Tool is the most impressive CNC and Machine shop I have ever seen or heard of. LogicMaze is proud to be the website designer of choice for both of these successful and established businesses in Newton and we hope to be able to help out more businesses there in the future.


Whitewater Rafting !!!!!!

We just just booked our return trip to go Whitewater rafting with Idaho Afloat!!!
Seriously if you don't check these guys out you are missing out on the greatest oppurtunity for a summer vacation I have ever seen. Last year we did a little fishing, we caught tons of small mouthed bass and several trout and yes I caught a huge Sturgeon as you can see in the picture here. Ok yes my buddy Kris from Zenor Electric had to help bring it in and yes Allison our (who was a girl) had to help me handle it but I CAUGHT IT!!! This was the best vacation I have ever been on and now we are going back! Ourguide Allison was phenomenal. She prepared incredible meals complete with appetizers and a little drinky-drink!!! We loved it and we will go back every summer if possible. Check Idaho Afloat here.


Friday, June 09, 2006

Local Insurance Company goes online.

Conrade Insurance Group is an Insurance Group located in Newton, Kansas. This well respected insurance company offers a huge range of services and products for it's customers. Including Health Insurance, Workmans Compensation, Business Insurance, Life Insurance along with property insurance. They needed an online identity, and after researching many hours the industry of insurance, I wanted to keep the website design simple and clean, but to give interest visually to the site with beautiful photography. The site definately does some heavy-liftin' with its drop down menu and Online Insurance Quote Request, but I didn't want the look to suffer. The picture of the young girl reminded me of my daughter, then reminded me that I need to buy more life insurance. The photography in the flash presentation is stunning and allows the viewer to identify with the company visually. I love beautiful photography and could darn near design an entire site around a great shot [note to self: blog on that subject later]. - The beginning of a Hutchinson music scene

LogicMaze has recently employed our talents as website designer and rolled out an introductory website for an interesting music venture here in the Hutchinson, KS area. Blue Sky Song ( represents an effort to bring both up-and-coming musicians and songwriters as well as established, popular talent to the Hutchinson community. Starting with the intimate venue of the Encore Restaurant, located at 112 S. Main (view map) - these shows will provide the public with entertainment they might not otherwise get to experience.

Kicking off their debut performance on June 22 is Kimberley Dahme and Lani Nash, both rising stars in the country music scene.

As Blue Sky Song begins to grow, LogicMaze is poised to expand its reach and influence both on the web and in other marketing media. So hold on, Hutchinson! You haven't seen the likes of this before.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

New Site Launch - Pals Products moves ahead in quilting products market with redesign

Well, it's happened and we're very proud. LogicMaze has launched the revised site for Pals Products at and we are glad to have our skills as website designer serve our client's needs right out of the gate.To recap slightly, Pals Products is an innovative, homegrown company based right here in Hutchinson, KS. They develop and market a growing list of products specific to both quilt shops and the avid individual quilter.

They have been working hard to get word out about their quilting related products, and with their new website, online store, and market basket, we know we can radically improve their market visibility. Pals Products has several product lines for the quilting market:

Pals Hangers™ - These are sturdy aluminum sectional hangers for displaying wall hangings and quilts. Coming in 30" lengths, they can be connected to hold larger/wider items for display.

Pals Wearables™ - Coming in several varieties, these are adjustable displays for wearable merchandise. They include models that hang from the ceiling as well as extendable floor and countertop stands.

Bolt Buddies™ - These are clever little stainless steel clips used to secure the fabric ends on bolts. A much better alternative to pins, they help protect the investment of the fabric, as well as your fingers.

Quilt Towers™ - Used with the PalsHangers™, these towers are just the ticket for displaying quilts. Each tower is 8 feet high when assembled (10 foot models available). Towers will accommodate a Pals Hanger on either side for hanging two quilts.

Quilting Gems™ - This category includes both the Wall Hanger Kit and the Badge Kit. The Wall Hanger Kit provides an elegant solution for hanging a smaller display piece on the wall, while the Badge Kit provides a unique project for custom badges or labels for many different occasions.

Iron Pals™ - The one that started it all, this is Pals Product's flagship item. Including both the IronPals™ Extension Arm and the IronPals™ Stand and Sleeve, these products make it easy to iron, fold, and dry items that would otherwise be too large or awkward to handle.

Complete with product demo videos and plenty of tips and techniques, is poised to launch Pals Products to a whole new level of business. is proud to be a part of their success.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ant is here!

Well this is my first post on this LogicMaze blog so forgive me if my post is not the best. Well my name is Anthony D'Alessio and this is my second day working for LogicMaze WebDesigns and Cody is forcing me to blog on this against my will! So far I have worked on a certain shopping cart for a customer and created item images for their E-commerce website. Soon I hope to acquire the knowledge needed to improve myself as a web designer and begin to help this web design company with this applied information.