Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Great Kansas City restaurants from KansasCityMenus.com

Kansas City Menus is back in full force. After making some needed updates to Kansas City's best restaurant guide, the newly optimized site is climbing up the search engine results.

As most web developers will tell you, the hardest search engine to optimize a site for is Yahoo. Yahoo is a solid search engine, and it often takes some time for your site to move up the rankings. I am happy to report though, that KansasCityMenus.com has made an excellent jump on this engine. When searching for "Kansas City restaurant" Kansas City Menus was ranked #23 just two weeks ago. As of now, it comes in at #3, a jump of 20 spots! When searching for "Kansas City dining guide" Kansas City Menus was ranked #29 just two weeks ago. As of now, it comes in at #11, a jump of 18 spots. This is just the beginning with yahoo, as the optimized site has only been online a few days.

Google and MSN have yet to index the new site, so I do not have any solid numbers for the ranking on those search engines as of yet. However, after seeing the results for Yahoo I am excited to see the new rankings for the other engines. I'm sure we will see quite a jump in the rankings. I will keep you posted on the specifics of those results when I have them available.

LogicMaze, of Hutchinson, Kansas could be producing these results for your web site! From website design to search engine optimization (SEO), LogicMaze can handle all your web developing needs.

I will keep this post updated with the latest search engine results for the optimized Kansas City Menus. In the meantime, why not plan a KC vacation and check out some great Kansas City restaurants.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Kansas Web Design intern updates

Kat here, and here's my update for this week...

I have been working on link campaigns for a couple of our clients in the mineral makeup business: glowingminerals.com and skincarebycarol.com I haven't gotten responses yet from the other websites I have requested link reciprocation with, but as soon as I do, and they are positive responses, I'll be adding links to both these mineral makeup sites belonging to our clients.

I'm also continuing the link campaign for Divine Designs, our client in the custom hardwood furniture business.

Also this week, I updated current events for the Best Western Garden Prairie Inn and edited the employment page for Mennonite Manor.

Until next week...

Monday, February 20, 2006

Salon Website in Hutchinson, Kansas

Well after much harassment from my co-worker and husband, Cody, I have decided to take some time to write about my last project. I don't particularly enjoy this side of the business, the marketing and sales, which is why I have hired my husband. I'm also no dummy in understanding that by surrounding myself with people whom are gifted in areas that I am not, I will make my business and myself look better.

The creative work that I get to do every day is the reason I love my job. I also happen to work with a great group of people that inspire me in designing websites, creating logos, business cards, marketing material and marketing concepts for companies that we do work for. I am always learning new things and enjoy the creative energy that these talented designers lend to our projects.

All That Jazz Salon A salon in Hutchinson, Kansas was my last project. I love this salon, and am a regular client of theirs, so I was intrigued when they asked us to do a site redesign for them. I worked with "Ant", a student at Buhler High, and his manipulation of my creative idea for the site was spot-on perfect. I will continue to use his young creative energy to my client's advantage as well as continue to sharpen his skillls as a designer. Check out the website at www.allthatjazz-salon.com

Friday, February 17, 2006

LogicMaze intern updates

Since I've been here a month, I've worked on projects for a number of LogicMaze's clients, which include Clark and Richardson, Conrade Insurance, Divine Designs, A-Mac Realty, Boys and Girls Club of Hutchinson, Lakeview Lodge, Salthawk Baseball, Skin Care By Carol, and Jeeps & Stuff.com , among others. Several of these will be on-going, so I'll be giving more details as I go along about what Cody and Tamara have me doing for each client.

Design is what I really enjoy doing and where I think my strength lies, so creating business cards is a lot of fun. I did that for both A-mac Realty and Skin Care By Carol. The rest of the projects had me working on the web sites and optimizing same.

More details later...

Logic Maze new intern

Hi, I'm Kat, and I'm a new intern at LogicMaze WebDesign. I've been here a month now, and I am enjoying working with Cody and Tamara. They have been teaching me a lot about web design. So far, I've helped them create new web pages as well as update/maintain sites already online, create business cards, and even some web site optimization. I'm not sure I'm retaining everything yet, but so far, so good!

As I continue to blog, I'll talk about the individual projects I'm working on for our clients, but for now, have a good day!

Whitewater Rafting

I started a post 9 days ago and said I would finish it the next day I am a little late and I am gonna change directions a little bit, we have to be flexible in the website design business or we don't get anything done.

I am gonna go back to Idaho Afloat, they are the whitewater rafting trip outfitters that we maintain and market a website for.

We have taken on a huge internet marketing venture for them and I wanted to post some results:

1. whitewater rafting is a biggie keyword - we are going after the big boys here and it's working. We weren't even on the map before and as of press time here it was number 14 on MSN out of 2.4 million results, not bad but we will do better.

2. outdoor adventures is actually the most competitive keyword we have ever gone after here at LogicMaze. If you think that sounds silly just go-to Google and do a search and see that you get 10.5 million results. We totally reorganized the page we are optimizing as we had never gone after any form of this key phrase before, give it time it will happen.

3. Idaho Fishing - we are using this keyword along with a few variations (Idaho fly fishing, Sturgeon Fishing) to grab a new type of potential client and drive them to the Idaho Afloat site. This portion is working precisely as planned, go ahead and bounce around the search engines and check these keywords and see where we are at.

4. Idaho Camping - like the fishing related keywords, we are using this to tap a group of potential clients that wouldn't have landed on this site before. #24 on Google #12 on MSN and climbing.

Stay tuned for more in depth and thrill-a-minute coverage...


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kansas Internet Marketing

Here are the projects we are currently working on for internet marketing here at LogicMaze. Well hold on let's bakckup, What is Internet Marketing. It is a combination of two activities search engine optimization and internet ad placement. Search engine optimization is all of the activities you must perform to have your website show up in the "search" side of Google or MSN or Yahoo when someone searches for your product or service. Ad placement is much different but sometimes seems to overlap. You can bid an amount you are willing to pay per click on most of the popular ad placements programs in existence today. It is all pretty complicated and incredibly time consuming for someone who hasn't done it before. If you want more details contact LogicMaze here and we will get into extreme detail if that is what you want.

OK here's a brief summary of some of our current projects:

Idaho Afloat: Great whitewater rafting company in Idaho, I went there last year for a rafting trip and loved it, you should go, anyhow...
The 3 main keywords we are optimizing for are:

1. Whitewater rafting - this is a highly competitive keyword and we are battling not only other Idaho Rafting Guides but every rafting guide in the world. We are winning the fight but it is a fairly slow process.

2. Idaho Fishing - we weren't even in the radar when we started on this one. Now we are in the top 20 on MSN. Fly fishing is one of things I always wanted to do and I caught a huge sturgeon when we were there last summer, ok, got off track. Trying to capture a whole new market with this keyword and it is working.

3. Outdoor Adventures - this is scary to your average Search Engine Optimization crew. Think in your head how many different people we are battling with on this one. Slow going but when we get to the first page the hits will flow on www.idafloat.com

Jeepsandstuff.com - What a cool company! Who doesn't want a Jeep and once you have a Jeep who doesn't want all the cool jeep accessories to go with it. Here are some of the keywords we are battling for on this site:

1. Jeep Tops - this is a highly competitve search term, we are also optimizing for jeep soft tops , jeep hardtop and jeep hard top

Crap, gotta go I will finish tommorrow...


Kansas City Menus Restaurant Guide

At the customers request, Logicmaze is making some needed updates to KansasCityMenus.com. You may have noticed that the homepage has currently reverted to it's original state, which will be temporary while the needed changes are made. KansasCityMenus.com will continue to offer its excellent guide to Kansas City restaurants, and hopes to reach a wider audience.

LogicMaze, of Hutchinson, Ks is committed to providing the best customer service and the best results for any of your web based projects. Kansas City Menus is being optimized further to better serve its customers who are seeking the best in A Kansas City Restaurant, looking for a gift certificate, or just looking for a new and interesting restaurant in Kansas City.

I will keep this post updated with the latest search engine results for the optimized Kansas City Menus.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Website Designer

What is a website designer? We get this question in one form or another on a regular basis. I assume a person's reason for asking when they do is a concern over how many people they are going to have to be involved with on a regular basis to make their website successful. At LogicMaze we are much more than just graphic designers. We are very proud of our designers and the great looks they create for our clients. But we do offer the entire package, Hosting, Maintenance and definitely Internet Marketing. We can truly provide a turn-key type scenario to meet all your website needs both present and future. I'm tired more on this later...