Thursday, November 30, 2006


Time to check in on our favorite hunting grounds.... Ashlenz Outfitters.

As in my previous post, hunting is the word of the day. Hunting with Ashlenz Outfitters. Ashlenz happens to be the best place for deer hunting and turkey hunting. Let's go to the numbers and see what we can report on Ashlenz:

Illinois deer hunting - Holding firm at #11 on Google. Maybe we can push it into the top 10 if we all concentrate very hard.

Illinois buck - Coming in at #1 on MSN.

outfitter - MSN betrays us, as it drops from my last report! Need to look into this term and get it back up there!

outfitters - #12 on MSN out of 2.5 million - but outfitter is lost? Must be a temporary glitch!

deer hunting - Up two spots to #4! Almost there!

deer - The ultimate general keyword - #37 on MSN!

trophy buck - Hunting for this search term? #6 on MSN, that's right - 6 out of 700,000!

Finally, these search terms are all at #1 somewhere between Yahoo, Google, and MSN:

Illinois deer hunting
Pike County deer hunting
Pike County Illinois hunting
Illinois hunting
Illinois deer hunting guide
Illinois trophy buck
Illinois buck
Illinois deer
Illinois outfitters
Illinois outfitter
Josh Krannawitter Web Designer

Free Green Salsa

Flat Iron Meats is introducing they're new La Primera Verde Green Salsa in a big way. They're so confident that if you try it you'll love it that they're offering 100 jars of it absolutely FREE! No charge for shipping or anything.
This is the perfect opportunity for you to sample some excellent green salsa and get acquainted with a great company.
Flat Iron Meats offers an amazing selection of steaks, jerky, etc.: all source verified and identity preserved to ensure quality and safety. They're newest product: the green salsa is sure to blow your mind and get you hooked. You've got to hurry, though, because there are only 100 of them, so they're sure to go fast. You'd be crazy not to try it out.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jeep Accessories

OK. I know I should be ashamed of myself, but at this moment in typing I know about as much as you do about Jeep Accessories and The Jeeps and Stuff Website. Mainly because it has always been Cody's project. But somehow, I have been asked to blog a little about all the great accessories you can get for your Jeep.

I guess the first thing you are gonna need is a Jeep of some type. The good news is that it can be any type of Jeep! I'm looking on their site now and you can get Jeep Wrangler Accessories, Jeep Liberty Accessories, Jeep Cherokee Accessories, and even accessories for a '67 Jeepster Commando!

Obviously you can get a lot of Jeep Accessories from Jeeps and Stuff, but the items we would like to move up the ranks of keywords are as follows:

Jeep soft tops
Warn Winch
Jeep tops
Jeep bumpers
Jeep seats
Jeep seat cover
Jeep hardtop

So why not check them out? I did, and I don't even own a Jeep! Though, the site was so cool and had such great deals on accessories I may just buy one. Josh Krannawitter Web Designer Awesome Web Design

Turkey Hunting

As I've mentioned before: deer hunting season is in full swing. We now have updated information about that on the Ashlenz Outfitters website.
We have also added some new/updated information on turkey hunting rates with Ashlenz. You've still got time to make plans for turkey hunting. Ashlenz Outfitters offer you a chance to hunt in territory that is ripe with turkey and yields a nearly 100% success rate. How could you pass that up?
Wanna do some hunting? Get a hold of Ashlenz Outfitters
If getting up to Pike County is an issue: our buddy Traveltron5000 can help you with that.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Jeep Liberty Accessories

The keyword Jeep Liberty accessories is a big one for Jeeps and Stuff, bringing in 107 visits this week. 49 of those visits came from Google, where the site sits in the 11th spot. The second highest keyword is Jeep Wrangler accessories, with 59 visits. Jeeps and Stuff sits 16th on Google for that one.
Other keywords that brought traffic to Jeeps and Stuff were:
jeep accessories
Jeep tire covers
Jeep Wrangler
Jeep doors

Some words that we'd like to have bring in more if not some traffic are
Jeep soft tops
Warn Winch
Jeep tops
Jeep bumpers
Jeep seats Jeep seat cover
Jeep hardtop

All of them have decent placement in the search engines, which are always getting better, so there is definite promise there.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Arbuckle Realty

Looking to buy or sell a home in McPherson? Whether you are searching for a home to buy or rent, or wanting to sell your home, the McPherson Kansas realtors at Arbuckle Realty can be of assistance to you. This fine realty company, located in McPherson Kansas, has much to offer when it comes to buying or selling a home.
The Arbuckle Realty website is a great way to see tons of McPherson Kansas homes for sale, including ones that are listed under other realty companies! So you have the freedom to view every single McPherson home for sale! Any way you look at it, Arbuckle Realty can be a great help to you in your need with buying or selling a home.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Jeep Accessories

I know that it may seem that we're blogging about Jeeps and Stuff less than usual on this blog. Don't fret, I've been blogging the Fiction Blog about Jeeps and Jeep accessories. I've just been including them in some rather strange circumstances. Still getting them keywords out, though.
Make sure that you read about it.
We'll still hit them as hard as we can on this blog though, to get the word out.
If you're looking for Jeep accessories , like jeep soft tops, Warn winches and Bestop products; check out Jeeps and Stuff.

The Carrier Pigeon

We sent our first official email newsletter on Friday. Click here to read it if you didn't receive it in your inbox.

2 Questions have already been presented to us:

1. Why didn't I get this in my inbox? - It's not because we don't love you!!! Just click here and sign up and you will get all of them in the future!

2. Why did you guys call it "The Carrier Pigeon "?? - Just so you would ask!!!


Traveltron5000 received a link from a blog in Spanish, which brought in 39 visitors.
To read more about it in my post on the other blog (there's a translation on it too): click here
To see the original blog:click here

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jeep Accessories

Let me tell you a little secret about Jeeps and Stuff:

jeep accessories
jeep soft tops
Warn winch
jeep wrangler accessories
jeep liberty accessories
jeep tops
jeep bumpers
jeep doors
jeep wrangler doors
jeep windows
jeep seats
jeep seat cover
jeep bikini top
jeep hardtop
jeep hard top
Jeep Mirror
Tire Covers
Don't tell anybody that I said that, or I could totally lose my job.

Fiction Blog gets sorted Reviews

There's some pretty good stuff happening over at the LogicMaze Fiction Blog . Might check it out, please keep in mind it's all insane ramblings of people who sit in little dark rooms and talk to computer screens all day!

Oh yeah LogicMaze has a job opening too, click here !


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Turkey Hunting

Deer hunting season is in full swing, so if you're not out there hunting, you should be. Go on and head out the Pike County Illinois and let Ashlenz Outfitters help you out.
I do realize that making spur of the moment plans to go to Illinois are out of the question for the majority of us. I'm sure that you could find somewhere more local to do the deer hunting, but what about this spring? You have more than enough time to make arrangements to get out there and do some serious turkey hunting. Ashlenz Outfitters can help you in that department too. You wouldn't want the poor turkey to get jealous the the deer is getting all of the attention, would you? Pike County turkey hunting is a great opportunity to bag some monster birds. With a high population of turkey, Ashlenz Outfitters' turkey hunts are nearly 100% successful. You'd have to be blind to not get one!
Anyway, don't be all sour grapes if you didn't make it up to Pike county to do some deer hunting, because there's always the spring and some serious turkey hunting!

HELP WANTED in Hutchinson Kansas!!

HELP WANTED in Hutchinson Kansas!!

LogicMaze is looking for a new designer!

Position is located in our offices 11th and Main in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Salary is based on skill level.

Full time position.

Skill sets required:
1. Basic knowledge of HTML = Required
2. Dreamweaver experience = Required
3. Photoshop experience = Preferred


1. Must be willing to worked as hard as anyone in the world.
2. Must also be willing to have as much fun in the workplace as anyone in the world.

Position is open immediately.

Please send resume to us here


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Read. Enjoy. Click on Links

If you haven't read our fiction blog yet, you are missing out. I highly recommend that you take a look at it. There is some pretty funny stuff on there as well as Phil Collins. That's right, Phil Collins.

On a different note:

Ashlenz Outfitters has had an impressive number of visits coming in steadily for some time now. On a good day, 126 visitors come by for 1,561 pageviews, which means that they're staying for a while. On a bad day, 56 visitors come to the site with 470 page views. That's pretty awesome, if you ask me. The kicker is that 79% of these people are new visitors!
If the pageviews alone don't get the point across that the people visiting the site are there for the exact reason for which we intended, here are the keywords that are bringing them in:
Illinois deer hunting
deer hunting
Illinois outfitters
Pike County Illinois
Pike County Illinois deer hunting
illinois deer hunting outfitters
illinois deer hunting outfitters

The people are looking for it and they are getting it!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hutchinson Public Schools Bond Issued Passed!

We at LogicMaze are excited that the citizens of Hutchinson made the decision to spend a few dollars to upgrade our school district's facilities.
We built the website to support the campaign to pass the bond issue. Well, we quite a few people have visited the site, so we decided to keep the site alive and use it as a means to keep the public up to speed on the progress of the actual construction phase of the USD 308 Master Plan. So go to , put it in your favorites and check back in a month or so and we will begin documenting the progress of the Master Plan.

This is worth reading, click here.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Full Service Advertising??

Marketing from Wikipedia.

Advertising from Wikipedia .

Ok that's great, but what the hell does it mean?

At LogicMaze we have been exploring the advertising and marketing worlds from a small to medium sized business perspective very hard for the last 3 years.

Here's how we see it:

Small to Medium sized businesses spend gazillions of dollars (made that up!) and just as many hours trying to figure out the best way to properly market their products/services every year. About 88% (I made that percentage up but I would bet it's actually higher) of it is a waste of time and $$$. This is alarming, at least it should be alarming if you are a business owner. But, (dramatic pause) there is another fact that we find even more alarming!!! An even bigger percentage of business owners don't even know if it's working or not, they don't track it!!! Most don't even know how to track it! Some of the marketing they are doing is not track able!!!

What do we mean by wasted?

This is the easiest question in the world to answer. If you don't see positive results from a dollar spent or a minute devoted to marketing and advertising, you just wasted that dollar or that minute. Plain and simple. Is that to say that it all works all the time? Of course not, but if your aren't tracking it, learning from mistakes and constantly fine-tuning your marketing strategy, your wasting $ and minutes.

So what do you do??

Option 1: Do your marketing yourself and just work real hard to get better! If you have a business and you have time to take on your own marketing tasks, you aren't busy enough running your business. We have people at LogicMaze who we pay to market our company as we spend time running our company.

Another thought is this: say you are an exterminator, you kill pests. I can kill pests in my house, why do I need an exterminator? I can run around all day killing spiders and setting mousetraps and trying to figure out how to see if I have termites and then buy a hundred different gadgets to rid myself of bugs,that's easy right!!! Or I can hire a professional, use my time more efficiently, get the job done right and probably get more results for dollars spent! Huh?

Option 2: Hire an employee to be your Marketing Department. Not a bad idea if you can afford it. If you hire someone with any experience, they are gonna cost a decent salary. And... Now you are paying another salary plus the marketing expense you will incur. Huh??

Option 3: Hire a traditional Ad Agency to take care of it for you. This is the best option so far!!! A lot of great Ad Agencies have done incredible things for many a company. But, Can you afford them? The good successful Ad Agencies (for the most part) are looking for the next huge contract. The next GM or Ford or Boeing. Good luck!

Option 4: The LogicMaze option. Don't get me wrong we don't think we have it all figured out and we haven't come up with the next great pyramid scheme to drain your companies bank account.

Here's our Full Service Marketing philosophy: We want to help small to medium sized businesses integrate marketing plans, strategies and programs that make them more money. Period, that's it!! We figure if we take companies and make them more money, they will like us (little humor there) and they will have more money to spend on marketing in the future.

We also truly believe that through a proper blend of traditional marketing approaches and internet based marketing approaches we can modify any marketing plan to become more successful and definitely easier to track. A better way of getting Your word out that comes with undeniable proof that it is working? Sounds like a mythical creature huh? Just contact us a we will tell you all about it for free!! We even have proof that it works and we will show it to you.


Play Shoes!!

This is freakin' hilarious.

If we ever lose Mitchell to another profession I think he might become an author.

For those of you that don't know...

LogicMaze has started a fiction blog here.

We couldn't get our team to stay focused on the facts on this blog so we created one were they can just lie!!! It's kinda like telling your kids not wear their new shoes outside to play in the mud. They never listen so you have to go get them another pair of shoes and designate them as "Play Shoes" !!!


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

LogicMaze Fiction Blog

Due to the certain, let's say, over exaggerations on some of the blogs here, which is intended to be the business blog for search engine optimization purposes, we have now started a LogicMaze Fiction Blog. Reader beware!
In this blog, the staff at LogicMaze will have the opportunity to write their musings, no matter how off-the-wall, about anything they choose.
"I can think of few things that I would rather read more, while I'm eating my jumbo burrito," said David Planthold "Profound, yet pointless," he continued.
"I can't even read!" said Anthony D'Alessio, completely off subject.
Prepare for the thrill ride of a lifetime, when you read the LogicMaze Fiction Blog it promises to take the marketing efforts of LogicMaze to whole new heights.

Friday, November 03, 2006

McPherson Kansas Realtor

Arbuckle Realty now offers the option to search the entire MLS listing of McPherson real estate from their site.
Even if it's not an Arbuckle-listed site, you can find it and they can help you buy it.
It's very exciting, and Arbuckle realty is the first McPherson realtor to offer that, making them awesome!
If you're interested in finding a home in a nice community like McPherson Kansas and the surrounding area, then you should certainly check out the Arbuckle Realty site.
Arbuckle Realty is the number one Kansas realtor, if you ask me. Just wanted to throw that in there.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Arbuckle Realty Inc. - McPherson Real Estate Experts and How

McPherson, Kansas isn't that far away from our own fair city of Hutchinson, Kansas - so it's an easy drive and nice to visit every now and again. One of the nice things about McPherson, Kansas is that it has all the good qualities of a small town, but with many of the amenities of a larger city. And just like a larger city, McPherson, Kansas also has a staggering number of real estate professionals. As in... a lot!

But there are recent developments that have set Arbuckle Realty apart from most of the other real estate agents in the McPherson area. Arbuckle Realty has become part of a program where you can go to their website - - and view literally any listed home in the McPherson and surrounding area. It doesn't matter if it is listed with another realtor; the professionals at Arbuckle Realty can show you and help buy any listed property - residential or commercial.

So whether you are a home buyer, commercial property investor, or looking to sell property in the McPherson Kansas area - you only need turn to one company, one location. Go to

Logicmaze is proud to assist with their website design, and happy to include them in our growing list of satisfied clients.

Mcpherson Kansas Houses for sale

Here's a little challenge:

We have been hired by Arbuckle Realty of Mcpherson, Ks to facilitate all of their marketing and advertising.

Our first major Search Engine Optimization goal is to get them to the top of the search engines for the search phrase Mcpherson Kansas . We want everyone who wants to know anything about Mcpherson Kansas to end up viewing Arbuckle Realty's website.

Fire up the scoreboard , it's a new game of LogicMaze vs. Google , MSN and Yahoo . We hate to lose!


Illinois Deer Hunting

Pike County Illinois is home to some of the country's best whitetail deer hunting. Ashlenz Outfitters is the ideal hunting outfitter to go to if you are interested in hunting in Pike County, Illinois. That being said, it should be a fairly easy choice to make, if you're interested in doing any hunting this year, where to go and what outfitter to use.
Our marketing efforts for Ashlenz Outfitters have proven to be successful in the sense that we can bring a good amount of traffic in for good, relevant keywords. The only problem is getting the conversions to happen. We have links to the contact form all over the place, so there's no missing it, and yet out of over 100 visits yesterday, only two conversions. Two is definitely better than none, but a few more would be nice.
We are always working with this and trying new ideas. It's certainly nice to have a site like this to work with that has a great amount of traffic coming in. Improvement is showing every week, and I'm confident that we will find the solution to bringing in a boatload of conversions. Once we do that, it will be beneficial for many projects in the future.
If you're interested in deer hunting with a great outfitter, go to the site and fill out the form.